the fall of colour

leather aviator jacket, H&M
berry lace dress, fashion frenzy boutique
spotty tights, Primark
leopard wedges, ASOS Ablaze Wedges
belt, Dorothy Perkins
owl necklace, Primark
mustard satchel, Primark

First of all, sorry for my absence from the blogging world from the past week or so, with the clocks going back and it being loads darker when I've got back from college, I've found it really difficult to find time to take photos and update! I thought I'd make some sort of comback today and show you all one of my favourite dresses. I've had it a few months now and I'm always wearing it, I'm suprised its been this long before its made an appearance. I paired it with the leather aviator jacket and leopard wedges plus the mustard satchel... which actually seems to match every outfit I wear!
I had a lovely time last weekend at Jessie J, thankyou for all your lovely well wishes. And this weekend, I'm going to a wedding which should be lovely.. especially since I've never been to one before! Crazy, in my 18 years and I've never been to one!
ps, check out http://www.shopalike.co.uk/. Its so great for finding clothes, shoes and accessories on a variety of different websites!
Love Monica,xxxxx



  1. Monica your absolutely gorgeous, you really are! I love how perfect your photos are!
    This dress is such a beauty, from the cute detailing to the awesome colour! I am a huge fan of your bag too.. goes so well!
    Have a lovely time at the wedding, they're always the best times! x

  2. Love this outfit as always, the wedges are amazing. How much were they and are the comfy to wear during the day? I need a new pair of leopard wedges to replace my forever 21 pair I ruined! x


  3. Where have you been!? I love the dress and it looks lovely with the leopard. I'm in love with your coat! It really toughens this outfit up (in a good way). Sooo cute.

  4. I adore all the outfits you come up with soo cute. Where do you get most of a wardrobe i just want your clothes>.< xx

  5. Beautiful dress, looks great on you! x

  6. I adore those leopard print wedges!

  7. You have the coolest eyes! I love the wedges too!

    April Lyn

  8. I really really like this outfit, it's so cute and versatile. I found you on Chictopia and I'm following now, your blog is great :)
    Bowtie Diary

  9. I love your blog! I've had so much fun browsing all your lovely looks. I'll be following!


  10. Love your dress and your blog ! <3
    Do you have Formspring ?



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