Snakeskin is without a doubt my favourite prints right now and after spotting this delightful mini skirt in River Island - I knew it had to be mine! I really love the colour tones of the skirt and being an a-line style, it fits perfectly in my wardrobe. I'm also back wearing my roll neck tops and jumpers that have served me amazingly well so far this year. I think I'm gonna need one in every single colour for the autumn season - such a wardrobe essential!
As you know, I normally like to shoot my outfit posts in some sort of park (c'mon there's always a tree in the background of my pictures) or on the streets of West London, but I was introduced to a whole new area of potential when Ning and I took these shots! Only a few minutes away from Oxford Street, lie cute cobbled streets and pastel toned doors in Marylebone. To me, the location is just as important as the outfit, so if you've got any suggestions of secret London spots you think I might like, make sure to let me know in the comments! After seeing Olivia's post over at Sugar House studios in East London, I'm dying to pay the amazing pastel wall a visit!
I've spent the last couple of days boxing up all my belongings and putting them into storage, whilst I wait to get the keys to my new house in a couple of weeks, all ready to start my final year at London College of Fashion. Exciting times! But in the meantime, I'll be going back home to Yorkshire for a few days. I'm hoping the weather will be better than it is in London - it is August and it is still raining?!

WearingWhite Roll Neck Top: Miss Selfridge (similar here) | Snakeskin skirt: River Island | Tan Lace-Up Sandals: c/o Next (similar here) | Pink Fedora: Forever 21 (similar here) | Cameo Necklace: Primark (similar here)

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Travel Diary: Slovenia & Italy

After an amazing week in Croatia, it was time to head north to Slovenia for the rest of our trip before finishing up in the beautiful city of Venice! 

After leaving Plitvice, we crossed the Croatian border into Slovenia and the first stop on our list was the capital city, Ljubljana (pronounced loo-blee-ah-na). Having not done much research on Slovenia's capital before visiting, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised at what a beautiful little city Ljubljana is! With charming buildings, cobbled streets and a picturesque castle on a hill, wandering around the city almost felt like stepping into Disney fairytale.
Only spending one night in Ljubljana, Mollie and I were keen to squeeze as much as we could into our short stay. We arrived at sundown and had a brief wander around the city centre before residing at a bar by the river for dinner and cocktails. The following morning we were up bright and early for a walk up to Ljubljana Castle and I'm so glad we did. The panoramic city views were pretty spectacular and it was lovely being the only people up there early in the morning! I really liked Ljubljana and I'd definitely recommend a visit.
Lake Bled
Leaving Ljubljana, next we headed north to Lake Bled. This was one of the places I was most excited about visiting - even after a simple Google Image search! The Lake itself is truly spectacular and although I only spent two nights here, I could have easily stayed for an entire week!
The first afternoon we arrived was spent sunbathing in the blazing heat and eating ice-cream - a total must! We stumbled upon a cute ice-cream hut and I was excited to try some interesting flavours including Strawberry & Beetroot and Green Apple - so good! We also took a trip to Bled Island, the small bit of land within the lake which has quaint little bell tower, as well as beautiful views of the lake's surroundings. Dinner was spent in a lovely lakeside restaurant sipping wine and listening to jazz - so relaxing!
On our second day, we took the bus to another nearby lake, Lake Bohinj. More peaceful and less touristy that Bled, Bohinj's clear blue waters and epic alpine views were a perfect way to relax whilst taking a dip. After a couple of hours, we headed back to Bled with our sights firmly set on paddle boarding and pier jumping, we were certainly in for a fun afternoon! Watersports and renting boats etc. are all relatively cheap in Slovenia and I have to say paddle boarding out in the lake was definitely one of my favourite moments of my trip!
If I'd have had more time at Lake Bled, I would have loved to have hiked to the top of one of the surrounding mountains for a great view of the lake and the island. There is also lots more to do in the area like visiting gorges and waterfalls as well as sports like paragliding, cycling and zip lining. This will definitely not be my last visit to Lake Bled - I simply have to return.

A brief but lovely stop, we arrived in Piran from Lake Bled in the evening after a full day of travelling. Situated on southwestern coast of Slovenia, Piran is a delightful little town with a busy marina and charming buildings surrounding the main square. After an hour or so of basking up the last of the day's heat, we headed up to the town walls at golden hour. Here, we watched the sunset into the ocean, with the view of the town.
Not everything always goes to plan when travelling and we had to go to plan B when finding out our ferry to Venice the following day was sold out. It can be difficult to know when to be spontaneous and when to plan ahead more to avoid lengthy journeys or waiting for hours in a bus station. Luckily the following day, the journey wasn't too painful and by midday, we had arrived in Venice...

After two weeks of travelling, the final stop of our trip was the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. It was hot and it was busy (it was always going to be in August!) but we were very excited to check out Venice and all it had to offer. We were staying in the Cannaregio area of Venice which was an easy walk from the train station and a good location for exploring Venice too.
One of the first things I noticed about Venice was the incredible architecture and I was blown away by the intricate detailing in Piazza San Marco and at Santa Maria Della Salute by the Grand Canal. We also took a boat trip to the small islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, each with a different beauty and charm. My favourite had to be Burano, which was filled with streets and streets of colourfully painted houses with canals and bridges in-between. It was like the Notting Hill of Italy!
It goes without saying that Venice is super expensive and after visiting Croatia and Slovenia (where wine was 80p) its difficult to adjust and fork out money for most of the time, less-than average food. Gondola's are infamous in Venice, but at 80 for a 30 minute trip (100 after 7pm) it was a little out of our budget.

I hope you've enjoy this two-part travel series and hope that it was informative and helpful if you're looking to do a similar trip in the future. I'm currently writing this whilst watching the rain trickle down my window in London, wishing that I was still travelling - major holiday blues!


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Travel Diary: Croatia

I hope you're ready for a big ol' blog post because I have lots to share! Keep scrolling more photos, travel tips and a little about my experiences travelling through Europe!
A little over 3 weeks ago, I set off alongside my best friend Mollie on a 2 week travelling trip through Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Having been on various trips abroad this year (see here for my Italy and Paris travel posts) I've caught a bit of a travelling bug and couldn't wait to see more of Europe!

Why Croatia?
Croatia has been thrown into the spotlight a little lately and has become a MUST VISIT on any Europe traveller's list. With everything to offer, from stunning national parks and historic Roman architecture to rugged coastlines and incredible nightlife, plus with a pretty decent exchange rate, its not only a beautiful country to travel through but I can be pretty inexpensive too! Mollie and I did lots of research/planning before choosing our route up the Dalmatian Coast, but managed to squeeze in visiting Split, Krka National Park, Hvar, Zadar and Plitvice National Park in the first week of our travels.

Split & Krka National Park
The first stop was Split, a beautiful old city with historic architecture and a great base location for our travels. The main city is built around Diocletian's Palace, ancient Roman ruins dating back to the 4th century. Within the open palace, lie bustling shops, bars and restaurants, as well as the central cathedral and bell tower which boasts panoramic views of the entire city. As someone who loves a viewpoint, I'd really recommend heading up the bell tower as it was one of my favourite things I did in Split. As well as offering a range of things to see and do, Split was also a great base point to travel to Krka National Park. If you haven't heard of it before, Krka is an insanely beautiful series of waterfalls flowing into the Krka River. Being only a 90 minute bus ride from our hostel in Split, we headed to Krka for a day of hiking, swimming and mostly being in awe of Croatia's natural beauty! Visiting in the peak of the season in late July meant stripping down and cooling off in the waterfall was extra rewarding.

Hvar Island
Perhaps my favourite place on our European travels, Hvar was the next stop after spending two nights in Split. Hvar is really easy to get to from Split and a speedboat can take you there in as little as one hour. It was pretty much love at first sight when I stepped off the boat in Hvar and was greeted by the wonderfully clear blue oceans and dozens of yachts lined up in the large harbour. We stayed in a wonderful hostel called The White Rabbit which I couldn't recommend enough for location, comfort and a great atmosphere! My whirlwind trip to Hvar Island was spent climbing up the fortress for incredible views of the harbour, hiring a boat for the day and partying until sunrise at a club on its own island (!!). Two days wasn't enough in Hvar and I could have easily stayed here for a full week!

Plitvice Lakes National Park
After leaving Hvar, next stop on the agenda was Plitvice. I first heard about Plitvice when reading/stalking Tuula Vintage's travel blog. If you haven't checked out her posts already, you'll probably want to quit your job right now and spend your life travelling the world - some seriously life envy and a huge girl crush! Plitvice is the largest and oldest national park in Croatia and was one of the stops I was most excited for when planning our trip. Travelling up the Dalmatian coast by bus, we made a brief stopover in Zadar before arriving in Plitvice.
Serene would be an understatement to describe Plitvice, it's clear lakes and towering waterfalls made me feel like I was in a whole other world. Mollie and I hired a boat to get an up close view of Plitvice's wonders. Thankfully the temperatures we a little cooler in Plitivice from the 30+ degrees we'd experienced elsewhere through Croatia, making hiking and exploring the national park all the more enjoyable.

Stay tuned for the second part of my travelling adventures through Slovenia & Italy coming soon!

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Patchwork Crochet

First of all... Hi, remember me! I haven't blogged for possibly the longest time in the history of helloomonica.com! Sorry about that, I've kinda been all over the place over the past month or so and its safe to say I've neglected my little corner of the Internet. 
A good place to start would be with one of my favourite outfits of late, this beautiful crochet jumper (jumper, I know its August but hey - its pretty crap weather!). I spotted this hippy knitwear dream on one of my usual late-night ASOS ganders which usually results in me deciding my current wardrobe is insufficient and that I must spend hundreds of pounds to fix that. This jumper however, was a steal when I bought it for £22.50... but low and behold.. it has been marked down further to a pretty epic £13! C'mon, if that ain't a bargain, I don't know what is!
You're probably a bit sick of seeing this tan suede skirt which is styled up back in April on the blog and is featured in the large majority of my Instagram posts too.. ooops! What can I say? Its 100% one of my favourite wardrobe additions of the year and I just love wearing it. Its a piece I'll be styling up through to the Autumn Winter, which I'm kinda already excited for! 
As you may have seen if you follow me on the various social media channels which I have been holiday spamming.. I spent the last couple of weeks travelling through Croatia, Slovenia & Italy with my bestie Mollie. I still haven't even sorted through the hundreds of photos I took, but when I do, there will be a new post coming your way all about my experiences and adventures through Europe!
Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to be notified! 


WearingBlack Crochet Jumper: ASOS | Tan Lace-Up Sandals: c/o Next | Tan Suede Skirt Zara | Lips: MAC in Lady Danger

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Pastel Houses

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when wandering the beautiful streets of Notting Hill and heading for brunch with my friend Nicole. We decided to check out a cute little spot called 202, a cafe and luxury label boutique all in one! Pancakes were on the agenda and we soon had clean plates whilst catching up!
This dress from a new and upcoming brand called A Day In A Life is an easy summer outfit paired a kimono and a pair of chunky boots. Although I'm not much of a bodycon girl, I find this dress really flattering and its squeezes in all the right places.
I'm now back at home in Yorkshire for a few days, before heading on a two week trip across Croatia, Slovenia and Italy with my best friend Mollie on Tuesday! Keep up by following me on Instagram!

Monica x

Wearing: Black Slip Dress: c/o A Day In A Life | Leopard Print Blouse: Matalan | Black Fedora Hat: c/o Chicwish | Statment Necklace: Primark | Leather Shoe Boots: c/o Clarks | Black Bag: Primark | Sheffield Lady Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington | Nails: L'Oreal Paris in Peach Neglige |

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