NYLON: Carrie Bradshaw Moment

These shots are the second instalment in a 3 part series which I shot with NYLON earlier in the month. I'm absolutely obsessed with this outfit and felt like Carrie Bradshaw when wandering on the streets of midtown Manhattan! Sequins are so hot for the party season and this midi skirt is perfect for day or night! My full look is available over on the NYLON Shop!
If you haven't already seen my feature over on NYLON.com - make sure to check it out! Photos by the wonderful Suzanne Darcy and article by the lovely Bianca Iarrobino


Wearing: Sequin Top: Nylon Shop | Satin Midi Skirt: Nylon Shop | Skull Clutch Bag: Nylon Shop |
Chunky Heeled Boots: H&M | Lips: MAC in Lady Danger | Nails: Floss Gloss in 95% Angel |

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NYLON: Gold Bomber

I recently shot a series of looks from the NYLON Shop with my good friend and photographer Suzanne Darcy. These festive shots were taken in the Bryant Park Christmas Market - which is a great spot to visit over the holiday season. I had a lot of fun styling this look as the NYLON Shop have a great range of awesome pieces to play with - I particularly love this 'Bitch Relax' clutch!
I did a Q&A over for Nylon.com interviewed by the lovely Bianca Iarrobino - so make sure to check it out! Stay tuned for more of my styled looks for the Nylon Shop!

Wearing: Velvet dress: NYLON Shop | Tiger Necklace: NYLON Shop | Gold Sleeved Bomber Jacket: NYLON Shop | Bitch Relax Clutch: NYLON Shop | Earrings: NYLON Shop | Donut Rings: NYLON Shop | Chunky Heeled Boots: H&MLips: MAC in Lady Danger | Nails: Floss Gloss in 95% Angel |

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Roosevelt Island

One of New York's best kept secrets, Roosevelt Island is a beautiful little spot situated between Manhattan and Queens. The best way to get to the island is via a quick and scenic cable car journey from the Lower East Side. I took a short trip here over the weekend and had a very pleasant day despite the freezing temperatures! 
Roosevelt Island was named after the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and features a large memorial park at the Southern point of the island. Although the trees are bare since winter is hitting, the scenery is really beautiful and well kept. The perfect location for a Sunday stroll - I'd really recommend a visit! The northern tip of Roosevelt Island features a old lighthouse - which I unfortunately didn't have time to visit!
On a clear day, city views of Manhattan are pretty spectacular too! I managed to time the sunset pretty perfectly and was wowed by the pink skies as I headed back to Manhattan. 
I'm really sad to say that this week will be my last week living in New York as I'm heading back to London this weekend. Has anyone got any last minute recommendations for things to do in NYC? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Wearing: Lilac Marble Print Coat: Oasis (similar) | Grey Speckled T-shirt: Primark (similar) | Mom Jeans: Topshop | Black Belt: c/o Warehouse (similar) | Bubbled PU Bag: Primark (similar) | Black Pointed Boots: c/o Dorothy Perkins | Triangle Frame Necklace: c/o A Weathered Penny | Nails: Floss Gloss in 95% Angel

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Favourite Places To Eat In New York City

If there's one thing I love about New York City besides the fashion, it's the food. Living in a world famous 24-hour city, means a crazy amount of restaurants and different cuisines forever calling my name. I really love to eat out and try new places, so here are some of my favourite spots so far:

Jack's Wife Freda (Lafayette & Spring St)
I love this place, like seriously LOVE. My friend Erika from Retro Flame and I go crazy for brunch here - and I promise you it won't disappoint. My favourite dishes include the Madame Freda and, of course the Avocado Toast! Jack's Wife Freda is only a very tiny restaurant, but is one of Soho's most popular places to eat, so I'd recommend getting there early and being prepared to queue!

Dishes (45th and 5th Av)

My friends will now how crazy I am over this place. I'm not gonna lie...its pretty pricey, but for the fresh organic food - its so worth it! Dishes is designed like a buffet table and you can grab a salad box and just fill up! The box is weighed when you get to the counter and you pay depending upon the weight. Choose from fresh greek salad, roasted veggies, noodles, quiches and much more! Its my go-to place for lunch while at uni.

The View at The Marriot Marquee (45th and Broadway)
The View is located on the 48th floor of the Marriot Marquee Hotel in the heart of New York City. The restaurant slowly revolves, completing a full circle each hour, above Times Square whilst you eat the delicious menu of modern American cuisine and sip fine wines. Booking is a vital for the restaurant, but The View also has a bar/lounge area which is free to walk into without reservations. As many of you may or may not know, I'm like OBSESSED with sunset, so I'd 100% recommend going for dinner around this time, to experience this - and its also a great way of seeing the city by day and by night!

Two Hands (Mott St)
Another favourite spot for brunch, Two Hands is a great little cafe with a cool atmosphere. Avocado Toast (sorry again) is to die for here and the baristas serve up a delicious latte. Smoothies are fresh and very good too! Plus I'm a sucker for a glass jar. And is it just me, or are all the staff really good looking?

Smorgasburg (Brooklyn)
With over 100 vendors by the East River Park, Smorgasburg is a Brooklyn Food Market that attracts hundreds of people on a Saturday afternoon. A foodie's paradise, with everything from Moroccan brioche to Fish & Chips, fresh fruit smoothies to scented beer, there truly is something for everybody. Aim to visit on a sunny clear day and the views of Manhattan will not disappoint!

Where is your favourite place to eat in NYC? Will you be checking any of my recommendations out?


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Bryant Park

Bull necklace, c/o A Weathered Penny
Black belt, c/o Warehouse
Lilac backpack, New Look
Lips, MAC in Lady Danger
Nails, Floss Gloss in 95% Angel

New York hit a whole new level of cold this week and its safe to say I was pretty freezing when these snaps were taken outside in Bryant Park whilst grabbing lunch with Lorna and Erika a few days ago!
Topshop have just opened a new store on 5th Avenue here in New York and after realising I have almost NOTHING in terms of winter clothing, I decided make a couple of cheeky purchases! I've been debating for while about getting a pair of Mom jeans, but wasn't sure if I could pull them off. Those who have been following my blog for a while, will know I'm not much of a "trousers person" and tend to live in dresses and skirts for most of the year. In fact, I only bought my first pair of jeans (probably since the age of around 14), last year.. my much loved black skinnies for Oasis. I think I'll be wearing these Mom jeans quite a bit over the course of the winter, I really like the fit and the cool grungy style.


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