Ready for Spring

After barely steering from a monochromatic colour palette over the winter, I decided it was about time that I added a pop of colour to my life as the season transitions.  I ordered a few bits from Missguided and Motel on a cold winter's evening in the hope of getting into the spirit of spring. I fell for these Motel printed trousers straight away when browsing their online site. I think the pattern and colours work beautifully together, so of course had to pick up the pinafore in the same print and another pair of trousers in a purple and blue shade!
 I've seen slogan t-shirts all over the high street lately and I wanted to find the perfect one before purchasing. Missguided currently have a great selection including this Kardashian themed one and this awesome super model tee Being a big on the caffeine due to all my early rises, I opted for this awesome Coffee tee, which I'm obsessed with lately!
Are you ready for the Spring?


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Ombre Hair Care Routine

I get asked about my hair and how I created my ombre look quite a lot, so I thought it was about time I did a blog post about it...

The Story
I first bleached the ends of my hair back in 2011. It was the first time I had ever dyed my hair, so was a nerve-racking process - especially doing it myself. I did lots of research into the right products, style and colour variation that I wanted before going ahead. There are lots of videos out there about DIY Ombre Hair, but I followed this very old one by Lily Melrose, which was super helpful to me.

The Products
I've always bleached the ends of my hair myself, using the L'Oreal Perfect Blonde Creme Highlight Kit. I usually do this every 4-6 months, depending on the time of year (I like to go a little blonder in summer) and depending on how faded or grown out my hair becomes. The highlighting kit is really easy to use and has full colour instructions inside to follow. I'd really recommend using this highlighting kit if you've got mid-to-light brown hair like myself, as it works really well on the shade. You can pick this highlighting kit up for around £5 from most drugstores/supermarkets.

The Lasting Power
I use various products to ensure my ends stay bright blonde, in order to achieve the full fade-to-blonde look. Before I discovered the John Frieda Go Blonder Range, my hair often would look brassy  and the bleach blonde would soon start to fade. I love to use the John Frieda Go Blonder Spray on the ends of my hair when damp. I find just a couple of spritzes have an amazing effect in brightening my hair when its feeling dull and lifeless. I have heard some horror stories about using this spray, but I've never had a bad experience and only tend to use it once or twice a week on the ends of my hair only.
When washing my hair, I love using what most people refer to as "purple shampoo", the Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo. This product has a very foamy consistency when mixed with water, making it perfect for lathering into the hair and leaving in for around 5 minutes. I'm so glad I was introduced to this product by my blonde friends as it works amazingly well in enhancing my blonde ends and freshening up my locks.
I also have started using the Lush Marilyn hair mask lately which is a great product for blonde enhancement. Not only does it smell amazing, it has a great effect in nourishing my hair, leaving it stronger and brighter. Some reviews complain that the product is too watery but I find it perfect for spreading through my hair. The only complaint I would have, is that there isn't enough in the tub! Mine is nearly out after only 5 uses..  #longhairproblemz.
The Styling
It is no secret that bleaching isn't very good for your hair and I think my hair is noticeably thinner and suffers more breakage as a result. I therefore try to use as little heat on it as possible to avoid further damage. I hardly ever blow-dry my hair.. mainly because it looks flat and lifeless, whereas my natural curls develop when I leave it to dry naturally. When I do use heat, I opt for loose curls using this Babyliss Wand or a sleek and straight look (this happens about twice a year.. no really) using my GHDs. I've had both hair tools for about 7 years (which is pretty impressive no?) so I would fully recommend them.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Which products would you recommend?


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Black White Blue

I find dressing in the winter quite difficult and as much as I hate to admit it, I tend to wear a selection of similar outfits day in day out. That includes, one of the biggest trends this season: roll necks. Roll neck tops have been my absolute go-to this winter - I just can't get enough. So cosy and perfect for layering, this simple white ribbed beauty has become such a wardrobe staple. I love to layer my summery dresses over the top during the colder months or pair with Mom jeans and a statement coat as you may have seen on my Instagram. An easy way of making basic pieces have a completely different look.
I'm a little obsessed with my new watch from Daniel Wellington, which I've been wearing non-stop since it was delivered to my London flat last week. Minimal, simplistic and functional, all I would ask for in a watch. Add the pretty rose gold touches don't hurt either! You can use the code "helloomonica" to get 15% your Daniel Wellington purchase until February 28th!
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Wearing: White ribbed roll neck: Miss Selfridge | Navy Cami Dress: H&M (similar here) | Denim Jacket: Vintage (similar here)Watch : c/o Daniel Wellington | Black Peep Toe Shoes: Topshop (similar here) | Bubbled Faux Leather Bag: Primark (similar here) | Gem Necklace: Primark (similar here)Leather Bracelets: c/o Adorning Ava | Ring: Topshop (similar here) | Nails: Floss Gloss in 95% Angel | Lips: Gallery Colours in Aubergine 

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This outfit has to be one of my favourites right now and whilst its not strictly warm enough to wear it (at least without a coat), I really wanted to showcase it on my blog. Josh and I ventured to Holland Park (where I'm still dreaming of living one day) to take shots on the beautiful residential streets.
I got these white culottes in December from Topshop (but I believe they are now sold out online) and I'm so glad I did. Having seen this shape everywhere this season I'm sure they'll be getting their wear! As for the fluffy bag, a Christmas present from my sister Lindsey, I'm obsessed. Its been over my shoulder throughout the party season and it feel like my little pet or something! Its a really sassy piece to add a little fun to a simple outfit like this one!
I've started working full-time now at Ralph Lauren Head Office for my 6-month work placement which I'm really excited about. The days are long and it can be hard to keep up the blog sometimes, but I'm determined to find time!
And a little hello to those who have recently joined my blog!


WearingGrid Print Top: ASOS | White Culottes: Topshop (similar here) | Blue Fluffy Bag: River Island (similar here) | Watch : c/o Daniel Wellington | Black Peep Toe Shoes: Topshop (similar here) | Geometric Necklace: c/o Adorning Ava | Leather Bracelets: c/o Adorning Ava | Ring: Topshop (similar here)

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Favourite iPhone Apps

I'm pretty much glued to my iPhone (aren't we all?) and I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting apps to jazz up my life. Besides the obvious Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc, here are a few of my current faves that might be worth a download. 

1. VSCO Cam 
I pondered through a few image editing apps before discovering the joy that is VSCO Cam. I use this app for pretty much every photo I post to Instagram and really love the filters and effects that the editing tools give. Although once a Valencia girl through and through, I'm kinda over the traditional Instagram filters and prefer to use VSCO Cam as a quick and easy alternative. My favourite filter is called 'F2' and gives exactly the right amount of vibrance and low contrast to my pictures.

2. Weather + 
Is it weird to love a weather app? I swear by weather plus and use it multiple times a day. What I like about this weather app rather than the tradition iPhone one is the layout and cool visual effects, plus I find it altogether a lot simpler to use.

3. CityMapper
Living in London, CityMapper is a MUST. My life and my saviour, this app is excellently designed to work out routes and transportation to get you to your destination. As well as proving times and costs, CityMapper can track where your location, notifying you with travel alerts and when to change transportation. I only downloaded this app fairly recently and now I can't imagine my day without it!

4. Uber Facts
I'm a self-confessed geek and there's not much I love more than learning new things. As weird as it may sound, I'm a little obsessed with reading facts and taking in as much information as I can everyday. The UberFacts app is great as a pastime and has done wonders to increasing my general knowledge (nerd comment). I tend to use this app whilst winding down at night before falling asleep.

5. Depop
I don't know about you, but I own way too many clothes, half of which never even get to see the light of day and lie deep within the clutter that is my wardrobe. Every now and then, I love to have a wardrobe clear out and rather than recyling or throwing out clothes, Depop is a network of buyers and sellers that makes closet clear outs a whole lot simpler! Selling items on the app is a great way of making extra cash, plus you can buy some fabulous pre-loved pieces by some of the world's top bloggers. Make sure to download the app and sign up today. You can check out my account by searching @helloomonica, I'll be adding new bits this week!

What iPhone apps are you loving lately? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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