spot of mustard

mustard cardigan, ARK
guns & roses tee, H&M
lilac lace skirt, Topshop
bowler hat, thrifted
spotty tights, Primark
red satchel, Romwe
belt, New Look
worker boots, eBay
nail colour, Barry M in Indigo
nail gems, eBay

I'm not sure what it is about mixing girly skirts with rock and roll t-shirts that I love. I think its the contrast of styles that tend to work so well together. I'm not much of a 't-shirt girl' but I think its refreshing to mix it up once in a while. My mum laughs at me whenever I wear my bowler hat. Apparently I look like a 1920's businessman (?!) I tell her 'that's the look I'm going for'!
I was tempted to commit last time I went to Primark and they didn't have any spotty tights... Please someone reassure me that they haven't been discontinued! Back to the outfit, I've had this bag a few months now, but only recently started using it, after realising how difficult it is to manage a small satchel with the amount of junk I carry around with me. However, red is less easy to match with my outfits than my tan satchels for example.
All my pictures seem so dull on this post, I'm sorry. Its so dark when I get home from college at this time of year so its difficult to find the time. Hopefully I can keep up the blogging over winter.
I had an attempt at galaxy nails using gems I bought off ebay. They're a bit messy but I think I like them this way.
Love Monica,xxx


  1. The satchel is so lovely! I think the colour is awesome, and I say just match it with ANYTHING! x

  2. Love this outfit, how you paired up colors and textures, that bowler hat is adorable even though your mum thinks you resemble a businessman, I think it matches up nicely with your ensemble.

  3. The mustard cardi looks SO comfy and humungous ! Seriously love every place that you shoot at, wish this was my backyard x

  4. I tried on that cardigan in like a burgundy, wish I had bought it now, looks so nice :)

  5. Wow can your nails get anymore amazing!

  6. I have never seen anyone wear a bowler hat like you can. Honestly. It is fantastic on you. That mustard cardi is AMAZING! Well, kudos gorgeous. :)

  7. Mustard is such a good colour on you. You're very lucky. :)


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