paradise print

floral shirt, eBay but Topshop
black leggings, Primark
belt, New Look
boots, Jeffrey Campbell Litas
mustard satchel, Primark
owl ring, gift
moustache and spike rings, Topshop

I've literally wanted this floral shirt forever. Its known as the paradise print shirt. Well, ever since I saw it in the 'last chance to buy' section at Topshop and stupidly didn't purchase. I used to search it on eBay like every week and now I've finally bagged it. Its a bit colourful (for me) but I still adore it. I wish it was a little longer so I could wear it as a dress, but what can you do.
I'm still in search of my perfect leather jacket. My demand consists of a studded biker-style number, but I'm yet to discover my perfect one. I own a aviator jacket which recently came back out of the closet for autumn but sometimes one leather jacket just is not enough to fulfil my leather obsession. Also, I need some leather trousers.
I'm going to see Jessie J this weekend which should be lovely. I've seen her before at V Fest and she was pretty impressive!
love Monica,xx



  1. lovely outfit, those litas are perfect i am very, very jealous!
    I wish i owned a aviator jacket.. I wanted the one in Topshop last year but NO i didn't buy it (regret it so badly)
    oh have a lovely time seeing Jessie J!

  2. Wow love the shirt! It's an aceeee pattern!
    Have a lovely time at Jessie J, I think she's pretty awesome too.x

  3. Absolutly love everything about this outfit. Are the litas velvet? So much nicer than plain black ones. Your hair..so jealous. Primark have some really nice faux leather trousers at the moment i picked myself up a pair x

    Mia O

  4. The floral top is gorgeous on you ! Great buy ! I'm still on the search for a gorgeous leather jacket as well, it's hard to find one for the right price ! Have a blast at Jessie J ! Can't wait to hear about it x

  5. Aw! How lovely. It's a really lovely shirt! You're lucky you found it. Those Litas are fierce and your hair is gorgeous. Oh my gosh. I've been searching for a leather jacket and preferably a studded one for about a year now. It's difficult.

  6. Love the floral shirt, i brought this shirt too off ebay a few months ago, but don't no what to where with it, looks great with the litas x

  7. ahhhh what a perfect floral print<3
    have fun at Jessie J!
    ps, www.thefashionistaswardrobe.blogspot.com !x

  8. Im in love with this shirt! this whole outfits beautiful


  9. i love all your rings and your jc litas! I'm in search for the perfect leather jacket too, it's so hard finding one that fits my exact demands!

  10. love love love this all and you look so beautiful

  11. lovely look! adore the floral shirt and the boots...and the moustache ring is great!

    visit my blo if you like :)


  12. i love that moustache ring!
    i've awarded you with the 'your blog is great' award!



  13. I love your hair! xo

    April Lyn



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