the studded collar

red aran knit jumper, eBay
studded shirt with DIY studs, charity shop
navy skirt, Topshop
belt, Topshop
spotty tights, Primark
bag, vintage
nails, all Barry M

Studs are my favourite. I don't know what it is that attracts me, maybe that fact that they remind me of rebelling. But this outfit isn't exactly the 'bad girl' look studs usually portray. I like dressing preppy and I've been trying to figure out what to wear this jumper with for a couple of months now. Its such a vibrant red so I decided to keep the rest of the outfit fairly subdued. I'm not a fan of winter dressing but maybe that will change this year. Plus, shocker I'm wearing spotty tights... again!
I had a look round Manchester Metropolitan University on Wedneday, anyone else attend? I was very impressed with both the International Fashion Marketing course and the Fashion Buying and Merchandising! I'm so excited to go to uni, but in a way I love where I am now... and kinda don't want this year to end.
Haven't got much going on over half term other than work and school work. I'm going to see Jessie J in Leeds next weekend though and it'd be rude not to do a spot of shopping.
Hello to my lovely new followers and thankyou for all your comments!
Also! #PLLhalloweenspecial GET WATCHING!
Love Monica,xxxxx


  1. Love this outfit, Oh I'm the opposite i LOVE winter dressing compared to summer! I had those spotty tights then i got a ladder in them now I can't find a new pair in Primark :( I think they've stopped selling them or something! I used to wear them ALL the time i love em'
    Oh I'm so scared about uni i haven't even started my application, fuck nows where I'm going to apply for!! Oh I have SO much work to catch up on it's ridiculous can tell I;m going to be stuck doing it all week!
    soz for the long comment hahah

  2. love all your outfits. so stunning x

  3. I loveeee the studded shirt!!!

    Gem x

  4. This is so great! I love studs, too and I agree that winter dressing kind of sucks. I love wearing cardigans and stuff but not when it's so cold that I have to wear 3 of them. Your jumper is adorable! I love the colour and it looks so nice and cozy. I love you bag and tights and your hair is so purdy! <3 lovely outfit.

  5. You look so amazing, I love your sense of style! The studded colour looks so great and edgy. I adore your blog, could you follow me back? X

  6. You are like a cute little doll! Love this look, and especially your long pretty hair! :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  7. Lovely jumper.


  8. Woah, you look fantastic! That blouse is so awesome and I love the sweater you wear over it. Plus I really adore your hair. You sure got a new follower :)

  9. Aww.. I simple love the look! The stockings is sooo sexy! I've been looking for something like that too! :D

    P.S I followed your blog via GFC hope you can follow back too <3

  10. I did fashion Buying at Manchester Met - and i stil live in Manchester now !

  11. i'm in love with your blog. the photo title is lovely :)
    i also love diy studding :D


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