vintage skirt and lace socks

lilac blouse, Primark
floral midi skirt, vintage
lace socks, Dorothy Perkins
tan belt, Primark
tan brogues, eBay

I feel so summery today. I wore this outfit with black tights at college but I couldn't wait to take them off when I got home cos it was so warm :) Can't believe its only March.
Everything at the moment seems to be exams, revision and pressure to succeed. Its stressful! I don't really have a life at the moment with all the revising I seem to be doing, lets hope it pays off! In May/June I have three Maths exams, two Business & Economics, one German and one English. Plus I have eight pages of my German oral to learn by Monday.. nightmare!
I bought this skirt a few months ago from a vintage shop in Middlesbrough. I've been wanting to wear it for a while so I thought why not when the sun was out today. I love the pleated detail, the floral pattern and the midi length which has a perfect '70s vibe for SS11. I'm pretty excited to wear cute little socks this my loafers and brogues again soon, definetly one of my favourite looks.
Reached 4000 blog views this week! I know compared to everyone else's blogs thats practically nothing, but I was pretty chuffed, so thanks for reading guys!
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Love Monica,xxxxxx

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