bowler hat & tan brogues

white pleated top, Primark
spotty midi skirt, my Mum's
black cable knit cardigan, my Mum's
black tights, Primark
tan brogues, Primark
bowler hat, thrift store
tan belt, Primark
locket, Primark

What a gorgeous day it is today! I woke up with the sun shining brightly on my face and I just felt instantly happy. I love spring time.
Its been a busy week! I started my revision for my summer exams, I was one of the 'official Red Nose Day' girls at college and I took part (and got a date ha!) in our college version of Take Me Out. I thought of the idea to do a college Take Me Out a few weeks ago but I didn't think it would actually happen. My friends mainly orgainised it because I wanted to take part. It was hilarious!
Here's an outfit I wore a few days ago but didn't get the chance to blog it, so I thought I'd wear it again today. I only have a few things from my Mum's wardrobe but I love them all! This skirt is the perfect midi length for this season and I adore it, plus I've stolen my Mum's cardigan again, so cosy! I've just noticed how I wear my tan belt in almost every outfit post... ooops!
I was in town with my best friends Jodi and Rose on Tuesday for Cafe Club (we go into town every Tuesday after college and go for tea and cake in a different cafe) when i spotted my bowler hat! I was so excited you have no idea, I've been wanting one for months. And it was from this crappy little shop that sells gloves and socks and stuff, but I don't care! I love ittttt. Do you think it suits me? Lookbook here.
I'm gonna do some more revision and homework today. And I've got a few things to post that I've sold on eBay too.
Love Monica,xxx



  1. Cute outfit

    I am a bit confused I gave you an award like forever ago and I havent heard anything.


  2. The weather really is improving :) it is brightening my day. I love the outfit, the skirt is really cute and flattering I wish I could steel something like this from my mum darn :) x

  3. I love your skirt, it's gorgeous!xox

  4. The skirt looks lovely on you, and i love the bowler hat :) That take me out idea made me giggle, such a fun thing to do! Oh I LOVE spring as well, roll on summer i say! :)


  5. Love the outfit!, You seem to be having such nice weather where you live but it's cold where iam. mega jealous!. xx

  6. Ths for invitation on IFB! I'm following.
    Hope to see you in my reader's list too ))


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