denim cut-offs & batman tee


batman t-shirt, Topshop
denim cut-off shorts, vintage Levis
spotty tights, Primark
bowler hat, thrift store
tan brogues, Primark
bag, vintage
locket, Primark
tan belt, Zara
turquoise ring, thrift store

I took a break from revision today to have a walk round with my sister. This is the first time I've worn my denim cut-off shorts, and I have to say I like them a lot! I really want a light coloured pair too and I might customize them with studs. I don't own many t-shirts because to be honest, they don't really go with the clothes I wear. I found this batman one in Topshop about a year ago and its actually from a pajama set believe it or not! You can't tell though right?
I didn't think my Pretty Little Liars obsession could get any bigger, but over these past few days I've discovered that I can watch new episodes online. Its actually beginning to take over my life! I loooooove it. Plus I've been catching up on Jersey Shore, Hellcats and Kourtney & Kim Take New York... I just can't get enough.
Love Monica,xxxx


  1. love this outfit, so cute! wish i suited hats :( my heads too fat and my face is too round, boo.

  2. oh monica, awesome outfit! and pretty little liars: season 1 is over right now :( we'll all have to wait for new episodes hmmm haha :)

  3. this outfit is probably my favourite of yours! You look gorgeous! I love your batman t-shirt and your bowler hat! Xx

  4. This is an amazing look!

    Lovely blog!



  5. Batman tshirt rules, love it!


  6. love this outfit! i am completely obsessed with pretty little liars too! it gets better every episode! x

  7. LOVE this look - you look amazingly adorable. xo, Jinna

  8. You look gorgeous! Actually love this outfit, it's so effortless :) "Jersey Shore, Hellcats and Kourtney & Kim Take New York" I LOVE THESE. Haha, actually do! Along with eastenders, they are like my 'must watch''s :) Not forgetting pretty little liars. Can you send me the link for pretty little liars, I'm feeling deprived! xxxx

  9. Love this look!love denim shorts at the moment too I think they look so awesome! specially high waisted ones- you look lovely dear.x


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