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I apologise for my lack of blogging lately, it seems whenever I get time, its too dark and cold to take pictures and I look disgusting ect.
I've made a new wishlist on the left of my blog. Well a couple of things from before are still there but I've just tidied things up a bit:) I'll add more when I get browsing my favourite sites, my mind is completely blank right now.
I went shopping at the weekend and spent £72 in my favourite vintage shop Deep. I suppose it isn't that much really, but I usually don't really spend that much in one go on clothes! Plus I didn't even have enough money on me and had to use my card, which I like never do. I got some dark blue cut off shorts, which I've been wanting for about a year now, so I'm pretty chuffed with them! :D Also a couple of blouses and a floral skirt. Can't wait to wear my new things! I was working all day Sunday so nothing particularly exciting there. I got asked if 'the almond cake had nuts in?' which was probably the highlight of my day.
I used to absolutely hate wearing my hair up, but now I love it. I don't think it looks particularly nice on me, but its so lovely not having to bother with it all day and it gets it out of my face! I used my doughnut ring for the first time haha! My clothes are quite boyish today, but I do love these trousers. I have about 5 pairs of chinos all in different colours. I wish I had some nice tan loafers to go with my outfit today though! :(
I'm actually really excited about this year. I need to get organising things to look forward to. I met my gorgeous friend Sarah yesterday for coffee and we're planning to go skydiving! I've wanted to do it like since FOREVER, and i just think it'll be an amazing expierience, so hopefully we can get that sorted! Also, I haven't been on holiday in about 4/5 years, so hopefully I'll go abroad this year, fingers crossed.
One last thing... 90210 tonight! :D
Love Monica,xxxx


  1. 90210 ahh so excited!

    love the chinos x

  2. deep in middlesborough? that place is fabbbb.

  3. I love the chinos on you! For some reason they don't seem to suit me although I wish they did. Your hair looks fab too.

  4. that top looks amazing and it goes well with your blue chinos! Xx

  5. you looked amazing this day, i was talking to shona about your outfit/gorgeousness. :)

  6. This outfit is so cute

  7. i LOVE your outfits :)


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