cinnamon & knee high

blouse, Primark
black skirt, New Look
leopard print coat, Internationale
over-the-knee socks, New Look
bag, vintage
brown skinny belt, Primark
timepiece necklace, New Look
black brogues, F&F at Tesco

 Evening! You wouldn't believe how boring my life is nowadays, I look forward to blogging so much because its probably the most exciting thing that'll be happening this week. I barely have anything to even talk about. I guess I'll just talk about clothes haha.
As soon as I walked into college today my headteacher told me off for what I was wearing. Apparently I was 'too sexy' for school. LOL. But whatevs. Thats twice this week I've been reprimanded, and the week isn't over yet...
I bought the blouse and the skirt I'm wearing, at the weekend. I'm loving the cinnamon colour at the moment! I wish I'd bought a smaller size in the skirt because I don't think its meant to be worn high-waisted and I've had to attatch bobby pins to hold it up haha! I found these socks in my drawer when I had a clearout. They were brand-new and unopened so this was the first time I'd worn them. Lookbook me here.
I've been seriously thinking about quitting my two jobs and trying to get a job in Topshop, for example. I need expierience for my uni course, and I just think it'll be amazingggg.
I've only got two lessons tomorrow so I might do any homework I have, so that I don't have to do it over the weekend, then nip into town to get another highlighing kit so that I can ombre my hair again and maybe do a spot of charity shopping. I'm gonna buy some jeans that are too big for me and make them into cut-off shorts :) and maybe even sow some studs on.
Massive congratulations for gorgeous best friend Rose because she's in a relationship and I'm really happy for her! My amazing best friend Jodi also has a blog so make sure to follow! She's an absolute beaut and a really interesting person so have a read:)
Love Monica,xxxxxxxx


  1. I amsolutely love this outfit. Pft god highschool what a joke, at least you don't have to wear a uniform, that is one of the best things about being at Uni, no more blazers and ties for me :) x

  2. Lovely outfit!
    About your headteacher issue, I just have to say : *Be true to yourself*

  3. oooh how lovely are you! followed :) love the outfit!


  4. i used to work at topshop! they really look after you :)
    if you give in a cv.. make sure you give it too a manger.. be very confident and wear something super 'trendy' and have an amazinggly creative vivid fun cv! topshop dont hire drips. you godda be bold!
    love your outfit! xxxx

  5. awwh! as if you mentioned meee! :) love you, monica! play it safe clotheswise forabitt! xxx

  6. Omg!
    First time i came across your blog and i´ve get impressed!
    Your girly style is cute!
    I think you will like our blog!
    Maybe we could follow each other..
    Following you!

  7. That's such a beautiful outfit. I particularly love your leopard coat. :) And I agree, you should try for a job with Topshop! Would love to hear how that goes. xx


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