swallow & florals

lilac blouse, Primark
floral shorts, eBay but from Topshop
black blazer, H&M
brown belt, Primark
woolen tights, Primark
swallow necklace, Primark
black brogues, F&F at Tesco

I've actually never known it so windy, its mental! When I came out of college today my bag literally blew off my shoulder and I had to chase it a few metres down the road haha, good job nobody saw me! I had immense difficulty taking pictures today with the weather as you can probably tell!
Hadn't worn this outfit since like summer and I thought I'd winter it up slightly with tights and a blazer. I dislike the way the blouse is sleeveless though, and I have to wear a vest under it because its sheer, which is annoying too.
I got back to the gym this week! Proud of myself! My best friend Mollie has joined which motivates me to go more now that I have a buddy. I'll try go 2/3 times next week. The trouble is, I work really hard and then when I get home I think 'oooh i deserve it' and end up eating loads, and putting back on all the calories i've burnt haha! I have no willpower. Are pistachio nuts healthy? I'm fully addicted to them at the moment, got a bowl right now as it happens.
I got one of my english coursework pieces back today, and I'm really chuffed with it, on course to getting an A :) Just a few errors to fix, but I've got a couple of weeks to be getting on with it so that's okay. I wrote a piece called 'Wasted On The Young', about teenagers for my writing to pesuade.
TGIF. Pretty boring night in is the plan for tonight, maybe watch a movie and do some homework. Work saturday day and night, and sunday day. money money money :)
Love Monica,xxxxxx


  1. Tell me about the wind today! I like the shorts, they work well with tights but look they'd be cool with bare legs too.

  2. Those shorts look amazing, they reminds me of summer! You look lovely! Xx

  3. oh this is lovelyyx

  4. Good post, following hope you follow back


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