blue & gold.

blue shirt, New Look
black skirt, New Look
brown brogues, Primark
wooly tights, Primark
brown belt, Primark
time piece pendant, New Look
swallow ring, Primark
bag, vintage
nails, Barry M in Pure Turquoise

I thought I'd mix it up this time and take pictures somewhere else in my garden. The usual location is becoming a bit boring. My sister Lindsey helped me with photos today and she asked for a mention on my blog so there you are! :)
I'm excited for this week, now that my full day of lessons is over, it should be good. I'm off college Thursday and Friday because they're teacher training days so me and my friends will hopefully arrange something good to do!
I've been wanting to wear with blue shirt/blouse (can't decide what to call it)  for a while but I've been puzzled as to what to wear it with! Its a bit short to wear with leggings, which kinda makes me wish I bought a bigger size. And this skirt, hmmm. I don't know. I really want just a black high-waisted skirt like llymlrs. Aaaah man I need a trip to Zara! Hopefully I'll go in half term. On the subject of new clothes, I ordered a black leather skirt from H&M a few days ago so hopefully that should be arriving soon. I couldn't believe my luck, it was in the sale for £12.49 reduced from £24.99 and i googled discount codes and managed to get another £5 off! Okay, so they didn't have any of my size left in stock, but one size bigger should be fine! :) Also I was in the mood to do a bit of online shopping and found this yummy brown leather-look skirt on asos! Ordered! I realised about an hour later that I'd already ordered my H&M one, ahh well. Has anyone seen TBA's new collection? OMG I'm in loooooooooove. If only I could afford it! So many pretty dresses and gorgeous prints. I'll hopefully get round to doing some proper fashion blogging soonish and talk about these things.
After reading lots of blogs last night it made me realise I really want a good camera and a tripod. I currently use my phone camera which is a Sony Ericsson Satio with 12.1 megapixels (the best camera phone in the world, well thats what it says on the box). I need to get my phone fixed soon because quite a few things have been broken a while and I just haven't got round to getting it repaired. Also I want a macbook.
I'll be putting some clothes on eBay in the next few days so I'll give you all a link when they're on. Nothing special, just a few things I never where anymore. Hopefully I'll raise some funds for all these things I'm wanting!
Love Monica,xxxxx


  1. I love the leather skirt, might just have to order one. TBA is my favourite! If only I could afford their clothes..

  2. beautiful skirt here!

    and i love the one you ordered too! x

  3. I love this outfit so much!!!

  4. I have that blouse
    feel free to follow me


  5. you are so pretty! :) that blouse is such an amazing colour, and i love that necklace! amazing nail colour too.

    rosa xx

  6. thankyou so much for your comments guys, means a lot:) xxxx

  7. I have the same shirt! its a little bit see through isn't it? how does it not look like it is in your pictures? :) lovely outfit btw xx

  8. Love that your nail polish matches the blouse nicely! x

  9. Love that shirt, it looks beautiful! Your nail colour is amazing! You look lovely in these photos! Xx

  10. Lovely outfit, especially the skirt and the necklace xx


  11. I have given you an award please visit my blog to learn more


  12. aw i love this you look so cute! your hair is gorgeous too :) x


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