tobacco & lace

mint lace dress, Topshop
tobacco coloured cardigan, Primark
black tights, Primark
pixie boots, eBay
skinny tan belt, Primark
locket necklace, Primark

I look so moody on these photos! People are gonna get the wrong impression of me! I shall remember to smile a bit more next time. I got this mint lace dress in the Topshop sales a few months ago. Defo one of my favourite dresses. I really wanted this New Look version of the cardigan I'm wearing, but i settled for the cheaper one! ;)
I've had Thursday and Friday off college this week because they've been teacher training days. I've had quite a lazy day today, well as lazy as days get for me. Got up at about 10am which I haven't done in about a month. I'm not a huge fan of lie-ins, I hate wasting the day. But its nice to stay in bed once in a while. Done lots of maths and business homework and played dress up for about an hour haha! I love just trying on clothes and messing around with my hair. Then I've been at work this evening.
Yesterday I spent the day with Rose and Jodi. We went to Rose's house and talked for about 3 hours, had lunch and watched Orphan. Scary film! It was so nice to spend time together though. Time flies when you're having fun! Can't wait for Rose's birthday next Thursday, we're gonna watch movies and order a Chinese.
I'm in love with Lady Gaga's new song, Born This Way. It was only released today and I must've listened to it about 50 times already!
My new ASOS & my H&M order came a few days ago! so excited to wear my new leather skirts! :)
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Love Monica,xx


  1. Lovely outfit.
    I gave you an award check out my blog to know more

  2. That dress looks beautiful and I really like the way you've styled it! Your nail colour looks lovely! Xx

  3. i didnt notice anything moody in those photos. you look gorgeous :)


  4. i love the lace detailing on this dress, and you look gorg. x

  5. love the dress and the cardigan!
    you look so adorable
    love cassie,
    p.s. check out my giveaway if you like. :)

  6. you are so so pretty! that dress is gorgeous, such a pretty colour - really compliments your ombre maaan :) i have that cardi, it's a lifesaver!



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