leather & velvet

leather aviator jacket, H&M
striped swallow jumper, Republic
black velvet skirt, Primark
worker boots, Garage Shoes
Incase you hadn't noticed already, my aviator came today! I ordered it on the 26th of November... and it arrived on the 8th of January! Ridiculous, 6 weeks and 1 day! I've already rang up kicking off at them about 5 times, and the best they can offer me is a £5 gift voucher. pffft. But I'm just glad its finally here, so I can get as much use as possible out of it this winter and spring.
Can you tell my hair is blonder at the ends? I did ombred it again on wednesday night and I'm actually really happy with it. And my fringe is nearly long enough for me to have my centre parting without using clips to pin it back, exciting stuff! Sorry about the brightness of these photos by the way! They were taken with the sun like directly on my face, so its natural.
I've just had a full day of hardcore revision today. I actually cannot wait for these exams to be over. In a way, I'm kinda glad they're both on the same day, at least that'll get them out of the way. I've got an A Level Maths Module C1and also a Business & Economics Module. Wish me luck! :|
I really need to start eating healthier. Pot Noodles aren't the best source of nutrients for a meal! And I kinda feel guilty that I've only been to the gym once this week, but I have been doing lots of revision instead, so thats my excuse.
I've changed the layout of my blog quite a lot recently, and I'll probably continue fiddling around with it until I actually like it! My lookbook profile is pretty rubbish but I've got my twitter on the side there, which I'm fully addicted to, so expect that to be updated every few minutes haha!
anyways, I better get back to revision, nice life!
Love Monica.xxx



  1. really cute outfit and amazing aviator jacket :) and ohh, your hair is so cool, seriously, I love it. and haha I just can't eat healthy during exams, anyway goooood luck with your exams :)

  2. haha i know rose, i'm thinking velvet leggings on monday ;)
    & thankyou manon! :)

  3. borkkkk. :o

    but your jacket is GORGEOUS, worth the wait :)

  4. Looking verry cute, and i love the velvet skirt !

    Lol I always change around my blog layout, just little bits at a time. I really like yours :)

  5. love the jacket! that skirt is also awesome...i am so obsessed with velvet!


  6. hiya love, lovely outfit :) just came across your blog via llymlrs and it's great, looks like we have a lot in common actually! college, A-levels, revision - good times ;)

  7. Love this outfit!


  8. look at monica getting all famous ;)


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