copper & navy.

Leopard Print Coat, Internationale
Copper Shirt, Topshop
Navy Skirt, Topshop
Brown Pixie Boots, eBay
Tan Satchel, eBay

I ♥ Tuesdays! My friends, Rose and Jodi who both have amazing blogs by the way, so please follow! Anyways, Jode, Rose and I go to different cafes in town after college every Tuesday. It probably sounds a bit sad, but I love it. Its so nice to catch up over a cuppa tea! :) Also, probably the highlight of my week, 90210 is on tonight!
I've had a stressful past few days, but I'm really happy at the moment. I had my business and my maths exams yesterday, and I'm so glad they're out of the way. My maths exam was solid! So I've probably failed that, but my business one wasn't too bad, saying that... I'll have failed :\
I bought this leopard print coat in the sales after Christmas, from Internationale. I know, its not the
 best of shops, but it was so cheap! I saw one in Topshop for £50, reduced from like £70, then I saw this one reduced from £45, to £25. So I just thought, why not!? I love this shirt at the moment, and I need more pieces this copper colour. My hair kinda fades into my shirt on the pictures lol. I bought the skirt a few months ago from Topshop, but this was the first time I've worn it, I kinda wish it was longer, so I could wear it more high waisted, but what can you do?! I was a bit gutted when I saw it for about half the price I paid for it in the Christmas sales though.
Please will everyone follow me on Twitter? @helloomonica :) & also I'm going to be changing my blog URL to monicabarleycorn instead of helloomonica, in the next few days, so I just thought I'd let you all know! :)
Lastly, I just want to say a massive thankyou, to Lily Melrose, for linking me on her blog, and HELLO to all my new followers! Thankyou so much for reading!
Love Monica,xxxxxx


  1. ooooh i have those exsact boots off ebay! is it just mine, or are your heels really slippy? i've slipped over many times in them, hmmm...
    i think it's really cute that you go to cafe's! i must start doing things like that!

  2. <3 youu. and please don't change "helloomonica"! i love it! xxxx

  3. haha, love you too jode!
    & yessss! my boots are really slippy, i have to like constantly walk on my toes, its awful. the first time i wore them i fell over in the middle of the high street :| xx

  4. Hey Monica
    Love your blog! x

  5. The coat looks gorgeous I can't believe it's from international I love when you get unexpected bargains :). x

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. love the boots + skirrrt


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