daises and headscarves.

leopard print pussybow blouse, Matalan
black leggings, Primark
fur lined brown pixie boots, eBay
headscarf, eBay
I'm actually quite happy at the moment.. You know when you get a compliment, and you feel good about yourself? Well its kinda lasted a couple of days, so I just.. I don't know, I just feel good.
These past couple of days, I've definetly been feeling the pressure of A Levels more. We were back at college yesterday, so I had a couple of coursework deadlines and i'm being constantly reminded about my exams next Monday. I have a Maths and a Business one on the same day, how unlucky! So I've been trying to revise lots, but then again, whenever I attempt to go on revision websites I just get distracted by clothes, and Facebook, and Twitter. So I'm probably better just sitting in a quiet place with no internet or phones!
I need something to look forward to, everything seems to have passed, Christmas, New Year, meals, parties! I might be going for a meal with my friends this weekend which'll be lovely:)  I did have 90210 to look forward to yesterday, which was immense! But now I'll have to wait until next Tuesday to see that again :/
A New Years Resolution of mine was to continue with this blog, and also to start using proper grammar when I type. Just simple things like capital letters and punctuation, simple things that I'm using too lazy to bother!
A few little things have been pissing me off lately. I just don't really understand some people. And i try to be nice about things but just end up getting into big arguments :/ hopefully everything will sort itself out.
I'm going to ombre my hair again tonight! :) I've had the highlighting kit aaaages, but I haven't got round to doing it. This will be the third time I've done it. I'm not going to be scared this time, I mean, whats the worst that could happen?! I want it a lot blonder at the ends, like noticeable... So we'll see!
Love Monica.xxxx


  1. those pictures are GORGEOUS. and you spelt grammar wrong. xx

  2. love the dress! you look lovely!

    check my blog if ya want hon, looks like we might have a bit in common :)

  3. i love your hair like thisss :) it really suits you!


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