khaki jeans & denim brogues.

leather aviator jacket, H&M
striped top, H&M
khaki jeans, Primark
denim brogues, Topshop
headscarf, eBay
bag, vintage

Sorry about the terrible pictures today. It was getting dark and I was cold. Can't get enough of this jacket, when it first came I wasn't as keen and I didn't think I'd wear it much, but it was an excellent buy! This is one of two pairs of jeans I own. My others are leopard print. I NEVER wear normal jeans, I don't even have a reason why. They're just not me. These ones are from Primark. They're the only trousers I've ever bought from there but they're a good fit:) I don't like the buttons they have on the bottom (which you can't see on the photos) but other than that, they're alright! My mum gave me this bag a few days ago. Well, when I say give... I mean I'd been begging for it for aaaaages, but apparently I'm always too 'cheeky' to her, so I don't deserve it. She's had it about 10/15 years and never used it, so now its my turn! :)
I went shopping yesterday! It was a very successful day and I spent all my money! Good times. I bought quite a few things from New Look. I'd gone off it since like last summer, but they had some nice stuff in yesterday so I took advantage. I now have loadsa new clothes to look forward to wearing! Also I can cross a few things off my wishlist which is good! peter pan collared blouse, tobacco coloured cardigan and time piece necklace, all of which I've been after for a while! Time to add more to the wishlist I'm thinking...
I was at work last night, and during the day today. I went to a house party last night after work, but it was pretty bad so I didn't stay long! Think I'm just gonna chill tonight. Sort out some stuff and watch tv, and eat!
Love Monica,xxx


  1. that first picture is a beaut! i am so jelous of this jacket...i couldn't find one in my size :( looks lovely xx

  2. you should wear jeans more often!:)

  3. monica, i feel like we need a catch up, babe:) im missing out on all your stuff. if jodi cant make it tomorrow because she's 'sick' we'll have a nice heart-to-heart. okay? (we can if she's there too obv:L)

  4. yes course we can rose! i hope you feel better soon jode! <3

  5. these are lovely :) i love your jacket! you're beautiful.


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