knits and dots.

cream cardigan, Primark
navy jumper, Primark
lace skirt, Topshop
dotty tights, Primark
brown brogues, Primark
necklace, Primark

I shouldn't be still on my laptop at after midnight, I'm proper tired and I need my sleep!
 Sorry for my lack of blogging over these past few days. I've been a bit ill, plus I haven't had time. I felt like absolute death on Tuesday and went to bed as soon as I got home from college. I've just got a really bad cough and a cold! Its depressing being poorly.
I've been very primarky today haven't I? Haha, honestly, I don't understand people that don't like primark, I adore it. This cardigan is so cosy, and it seriously matches everything! I really want one in a rusty brown colour! The only problem with this cardigan, is that its too long. I wore my leopard print coat today and it like comes out of the bottom which is annoying. So I borrowed one of my Mum's vintage cardigans instead:) I bought the skirt last year, but I kinda only found it by accident, I was just trying a top on and wanted to see what it would look like with a skirt. And it turns out this skirt is one of my favourites.
I'm excited to go charity shopping in town tomorrow, I went with Mollie and India today for a bit, but I didn't bring enough money. Totally starting a 'charity shop wednesday' tradition!
I've just been to the cinema this evening, to see 127 hours with James. The film is really good, but proper gruesome at points... I really want to see Black Swan when its out, looks amazing.
Love Monica,xxxxxxxxxxx
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