aviator & crochet.

pink mesh dress, Primark
black leather aviator jacket, H&M
brown skinny belt, Primark

I've been sent home from work early today because I feel so ill. I'm like absolutely boiling but shivering at the same time. Its horrible. I'm meant to be at work at my other job tonight, then I was planning to go to a party after work but i guess we'll just see how I feel. I'm sat in bed at the moment with a cuppa tea and a hot water bottle. How very glamorous.
I went for an Indian last night with my friends, it was lovely to catch up with everyone! I'm not really a fan of Indian food though :/ but I guess it was alright. My friends Phoebe and Mollie were trying to get me to use rhyming titles for my blog again. Some ideas were, 'curry and worry' and 'rice and slice of naan bread' haha!
I wore this pink dress, which I've had a couple of months but never worn. It reminds me of the skirt Carrie wears on the opening credits to Sex & The City. Its a bit prommy, but I toughened it up with my aviator:) please hype me on Lookbook!
My fringe is growing out well, I might not have to use clips to pin it back soon, exciting stuff!
I feel like I haven't been shopping in AGES. Hopefully I'll be going next weekend, I've been saving, so I'm all set for a big shop! :D
Love Monica;x


  1. Your hair is so nice do you do anything to it?? x

  2. i was about to say as well, your hair is gorgeous! i love the outfit, especially the aviator jacket :) x

  3. That dress is beautiful!
    & I love that aviator jacket sooo much! I want one very badly!

    p.s. I added you to my list of "Favorite Blogs" on my blog! :)

  4. thankyou guys!
    i ombred my hair myself, but just use a blonde highlighting kit on the ends of it.xxx

  5. Oh wow, I adore this look, especially the dress. You look gorgeous! I hope you feel better soon :)

  6. That's a lovely dress. I really like the detail on the top part. :)

  7. I really love the dress that's gorgeous and nothing like a cuppa and a hot water bottle when you feel lousy :) x


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