i've just been inspired to create a blog. i'm a busy girl, and i just want somewhere to come and tell people about my life. somewhere to share my thoughts and my fashion.
i guess i'll tell you a bit about myself. hmm. well.. my name is Monica Barleycorn and i live in a village in north east england. i'm 17 years old. my favourite thing in the world is fashion and i aspire for a career in it when i'm older. i'm currently studying maths, german, english language and business & economics at college. i love my friends, twitter, pretty little liars and apple bon bons. nomm.
i dream BIG. and cant wait to travel the world, live in New York and fall in love.
chow for now; xxx

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  1. I loved reading this post, especially after seeing your newer posts and seeing how far your blog has come over the years :D
    I'd love to know where abouts you are from in the north east because I live in the north east too :D

    have a good day!



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