Favourite Things To Do in New York City

Here's a few of my favourite things to do when visiting New York City!

Weekend Brunch
With countless amazing places to eat in Manhattan, I could easily go for brunch at a different place in the city everyday and still not have visited them all. If only my bank balance (and calorie count) would allow it! My good friend, fellow blogger Erika, and I have a growing list of eateries to visit in New York as I love to try out new places! Somehow the weekend is not complete without tasting New York's finest pancakes, eggs or bagels! So far, a few of my favourites include Jack's Wife Frieda, Le Pain Quotidien (amazing avocado toast!) and Zuckers.

Central Park
Now that Autumn is in full swing, Central Park is more breathtaking than ever. Living only a few blocks away from the park certainly has its perks and I can be found wandering through new unexplored park territory most days. One of my favourite things I've done so far since living in New York has to have been cycling through Central Park on a beautiful clear Autumn day with my friend Ryan who came to visit at the beginning of October. As a keen cyclist and a sucker for orange leaves and clear blue skies, I had the most amazing time... even if I was pretending I was in a movie! I also love to go running in the park and having picnics with friends.

Watching The Sunset
My Instagram followers (sorry I sunset spam) and my friends will know how obsessed I am with watching the sunset. I find there is something really beautiful and serene about it and I would watch the sunset every evening if I could. It goes without saying that you can watch the sunset no matter where you live, but there is something about the pink sky and glowing evenings that make New York extra special. My favourite spots in the city to watch the day turn to night are: by the Hudson River on the Upper West Side, from the Brooklyn Bridge and downtown by the World Trade Centre.

Randalls & Wards Island
A very underrated spot in New York City, Randalls & Wards Island is my happy place. I came across the pretty little island when taking a walk alone along the river on the Upper East Side. The island is pretty small and mostly uninhabited but is a perfect spot to sit by the water on a sunny day. With pretty views of the city and the Triborough Bridge, it is quiet area that I love to go to clear my mind and escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Farmer's & Flea Markets
I've visited a few markets across the city and seriously can't get enough. From the incredible offering of vintage fashion and jewellery of Williamsburg's flea markets, to the wonderful variety of fresh food and produce at the Union Square weekly farmer's market; New York certainly has a lot to offer. Most markets run on a weekend and a few have closed down for the season now that is getting towards the winter, so make sure to plan and check in advance if visiting!

If you have any more recommendations of things to do or places to eat in New York, do let me know in the comments below! I'm always looking for new places to check out.


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