Spring Wonderland

Aztec jacket, Topshop (via eBay)
Tote bag, H&M
Turquoise rings, Primark
Nails, Barry M in Turquoise

The great thing about living in London is discovering a new corner of the city to explore and shoot outfits in each week. Its no secret that I love parks and greenery, (probably because of growing up in a tiny village in the countryside!) so I'm very much in my element in the parks around the city. Its such a joy to see the vibrant colours at this time of the year as the flowers bloom and the blossom falls from the trees. Although my outfit is admittedly a little smart for the pretty location - I'd just finished lectures for the day at London College of Fashion - I still appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. 
I've gotten really into wearing trousers recently. As a long term follower of my blog this may be something you thought you'd never see, as I'm so comfortable in dresses/skirts/shorts. I love the skinny fit of these waxed jeans which provide the perfect staple piece to accessorise with. This jacket is something I featured in my recent purchases post last week - another of my many eBay bargains (£20!).
I really like the clean cut and boxy shape, not to mention my favourite pattern - aztec. 
I thought I'd set up a Vine account last week and I totally get the hype. If you haven't used the social networking app before, its set out really similarly to Instagram but allows users to upload short video clips. I made this spinning round clip by compiling still images and videoing them as I flicked through - let me know what you think!



  1. I'm SO jealous of your bag - it's beautiful! You look absolutely adorable in the little Vine clip too :) Love your style!


  2. This is so gorgeous and perf Monica! Your jacket is such a pretty colour, and I love love love your boots! xxx


  3. these photographs are beautiful, I'm loving everything about them: the scenery, your hair and your outfit :D xx

  4. Really love your bag and jacket! Gorgeous outfit!

    lucy xx

  5. You're the most gorgeous woman in the world :)

  6. I love your jacket and this location is beautiful.
    Becca x


  7. Oh wow the location that u are at is gorgeous. And your outfit is so perfect!

  8. This outfit of yours is absolutely amazing, what an ebay bargain that jacket is! You look wonderful, as always. Such a lovely shooting location : )


  9. This is such a brilliant outfit, I think I want everything in it :) You look beautiful :)
    Jessica xx

  10. beautiful pictures!! and amazing outfit xxx

  11. LOVE this outfit so much, that jacket's just perfect! x

  12. That outfit is fantastic! It's sort of simple, but really nice to watch at :) And you still have the most beautiful hair I have seen in ages.

    x Sam

  13. your hair is perfect and I'm in love with your shoes <3


  14. Beyond lovely - those boots are to die for. Whoever takes your photographs definitely deserves a mention too! xx

  15. Love the whole outfit!! Super happy as I managed to catch a glimpse of you on my way to work on monday :) xx

    The Movie Life of JP


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