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Cross belt, Primark

Believe it or not, these photos were actually taken in London! I think some people may have a bit of a distorted view of the city, but there are so many lovely parks and quiet little areas. I very much felt like I was back in the countryside when shooting today's post for my blog - so much greenery! 
I was a little naughty this week and ended up treating myself to a lot of new clothing. My whole outfit practically is from H&M as I'm loving their collections lately. The trouble with H&M is, you either get it or regret it. Their stock turnaround is incredibly fast and one thing that is new in at the beginning of   the week will be gone by the end. I'm really into kimono jackets lately, I think they're so laid-back and casual but make a perfect addition to an outfit. The mixed pattern if this beauty was just too difficult to resist! I also picked up this white swing top this week. I love how pristine the white shade is and it has gorgeous back detailing which I'm sure will be captured on another occasion. 
I was kindly sent these metal rim sunglasses and  cluster necklace from A Weathered Penny a few days ago. I couldn't wait to try on the sunglasses when they arrived. The gold rim adds a nice vintage feel and I think my face shape is best suited to round sunnies - I'm sure I'll be rocking them all summer.
As part of our project at university, my friends and I have set up a nail art business called Clawsareout! I'm wearing our Aqua Metallic design in these photos - you can buy them on our website! I'll be doing another post soon to tell you all about our company - make sure to check out our site.
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