snow blind

khaki parka coat, Topshop
BAD crop top, Republic
burgundy spotty shorts, Topshop
black tights, Primark
pink gloves, my mum's
aztec bag, vintage
patent chelsea boots, my mum's

Seriously nearly froze when taking these shots. I kinda forgot I was wearing the gloves, didn't mean for them to get in the pictures - but oh well. We had a covering of snow a few days ago where I am, its all melted though now which I'm kinda happy about. Don't mean to be a hater - I dislike snow. Its an inconvenience to say the least. But its really beautiful. It makes the scenery where I live look breathtaking. I was a little blinded about how bright it was too - hence snow blind. Last time I took photos in this scene it was so autumnal with the orange leaves - now its so wintery!
About the outfit - I think this parka adds a '90s grunge feel to any outfit so I paired it with my burgundy shorts (which I haven't worn in a while!) and a crop top. Perhaps not the most sensible outfit for a winter's day but hey. I have so much love this aztec bag which my best friend Jodi got me for Christmas, its so versatile.
I had an amazing time last week in London. Interviews were scary yet exciting and shopping... was immense. Those of you who have been shopping on Oxford Street and to Camden Markets will know the experience I'm referring to - so much fun! I bought a few pieces which I'm sure you'll be seeing on my blog soon enough :)
Hopefully I'll be able to update a bit more frequently as its half term this week. I'll be working lots and I'm going for a meal with my good friend Ryan for Valentines. 
Love Monica xoxo

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