the freedom from complexity

black chiffon maxi skirt, my mum's vintage
leopard print cross t-shirt, Urban Outfitters
burgundy hat, H&M
belt, New Look
lace up boots, vintage
aztec bag, vintage
watch, New Look
nails, Topshop Nails in Waterlily


First of all, all my exams are over - until May/June. So my time has been 100% taken up with revision lately, so I haven't had the chance to blog. I thought I'd get back into the swing of things and snap a few photos in this outfit, which I've been wearing this week. I never used to be the type of girl to wear a maxi but now its something I feel confident in. This one is my Mum's. Its actually a size 14, but with a skinny belt, I reckon I can pull it off? 
I was featured on Company Magazine's website last week which is pretty cool. Check out my Week In Style here! 
I'm super excited for the coming week. I've got an interview at the University of Westminster on Wednesday and LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION INTERVIEW on Friday. Words cannot describe my anticipation. I cam't wait to go down to LDN for the week and report back from my trip! 
Also, I wanted to call this look 'simplicity' but I was browsing on lookbook and one of the leader's top looks was called that. Oh snap. This resorted my to going on dictionary dot come and searching for 'simplicity' where I found the phrase 'freedom from complexity'. So much better right?
Also, spot the tripod? Ha
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Love Monica xoxo

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