I'm the kind of person that feels a little naked without jewellery. Never to be seen without my Grandma's amber ring or without a watch upon my wrist, I also love to add a statement earring or layered necklace to my look. I believe jewellery can truly pull a look together and add a touch of personality that is so important with personal style. In the past few years, I've gone from being that girl who would load up a basket in Primark with rings that would turn my fingers green, whereas now I'm wanting to invest in the more special and distinctive pieces that I will still have in my jewellery box in years to come.

It's the jewellery that is sentimental that I'll keep reaching for - those pieces that really have a meaning and are close to my heart. So when Thomas Sabo got in touch recently about their Charm Club, I was keen to get involved. I really like the idea of charm necklaces and the way different charms can be layered on and interchanged. Plus, there are so many to choose from! Silver necklaces,
silver charms and chokers too. If you're stuck for a friend or sister, they'd make a super nice Christmas gift.

Sometimes you don't realise how special a piece of jewellery is until it is lost. And believe me, jewellery can be very easy to lose. I often think of the little pocket of the world which holds all of my lost possessions. You know, somewhere which houses all the bobby pins (there must be thousands of them) along with my Boots Advantage Card and a key to each house I've lived in. Until earlier this week, I thought my Hand of Fatima earrings that I bought from Marrakech had ended up there too. And although they only cost the equivalent of 20 pounds and were available on just about every stall in the city, they were really special to me. I feel like I bought them at a certain time and place in my life and there are a lot of memories attached to them. But low and behold... I found them!! And it quite a sensible place too. They were in the back pocket of a pair of gym leggings, which might say more about how often I work out than how responsible I am with my possessions..

When I chose my charms, I guess I thought it was only fitting to pick up a Hand Of Fatima to add to my necklace. I also opted for turquoise stone pendant and a simple cross. The charms come individually boxed which is perfect for when you want to store them - so you won't be losing them either. Thomas Sabo also do a super cute range of friendship bracelets like this Infinity one I picked out.


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