Easy Summer Dressing

Summer dressing to me is all about ease. Those throw-on styles that graze over your chest and hips so effortlessly and creating such easy-peasy outfit but looks oh-so perfectly thrown together. Oversized denim jackets counterbalancing the femininity and providing just enough shelter from the unpredictable UK weather. And not to miss the huge mirrored sunglasses, an absolute must in British summer because more often than not I'll be disguising my smudged mascara as a result of my extreme hayfever - ya feel me?
But looking past the fashion chat for a sec, I'd be lying if I said this past week hadn't been tough. Real talk: terrorist attacks are becoming the norm and the world is a v scary place. I have been a little fragile these past few days after being evacuated from a pub in London Bridge on Saturday evening, opposite where the attackers where shot dead. I've played over the scenes a million times in my head but it doesn't make it any easier - it was pretty real for me. I'm lucky to still be here, unharmed and to tell the tale. Be safe kids x x


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