How To Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Through To The Autumn

Autumn/Winter dressing is something I find a lot more difficult than any other time of the year. I reckon it is partly because we have to think about keeping warm and layering pieces rather than just throwing on a easy-breezy dress and a pair of sandals before heading out of the door. But also because a large proportion of my wardrobe requires bare legs and now that we're just about hitting November, I having to give them up and conform to society's solution - wearing tights. And incase you hadn't guessed  - I'm really not the biggest fan of wearing tights. They're awkward, they're ugly and just damn right outfit-ruiners. I mean maybe I'm exaggerating slightly, but I'm much for of a bare leg girl ok? But hey if you feel the same, don't worry I have a few solutions I like to experiment with when it comes to transitioning summer clothing through to the winter months. 
Experiment With Layering 
Would you believe me if I told you that until about a month ago, I'd never owned a plan white tee. That's right, the most basic of basics and somehow not a piece that had ever creeped into my wardrobe - and boy have I been missing out. T-Shirts, long sleeved tops and roll necks are a staple for the autumn when it comes to layering and takes the most summery of outfits autumn appropriate. Take this floral jumpsuit I recently picked up (ps its still available in the Topshop sale!), although its a little chilly to wear a light material with bare skin around the back and chest, teamed with a white t-shirt, I'm able to create a less skin-bearing look with the jumpsuit which would otherwise be hibernating in my wardrobe until next Spring. This season we'll be seeing mesh, lurex and chiffon creep back onto the high street and I'm dying to experiment wearing dresses over jeans - I know so so early 00's but I'm kinda diggin' it!
Don't Be Afraid To Wear Colour
Colour is really key to my style and I hate the idea of waving goodbye to the rainbow as the cold weather hits. Don't get my wrong, I love to team a grey jumper with a pair of black Mom jeans, but I almost feel like I lose a sense of who I am when every day turns into a palette of black, white and grey. Wearing colour doesn't just include the autumn classics like mustard, burgundy and forest green but pinks, blues and purples can work too when paired with a neutral base and peep toe shoes.

Experiment With Length
There are a number of ways this rule can apply, whether we're talking mini, midi, maxi for skirt length or ankle, calf or knee when it comes to boots. I really enjoy continuing to wear mini skirts/dresses this time of the year paired with over the knee boots. But that's not all, high-rise ankle boots work perfectly with midi skirts or cropped trousers and mules are a favourite to wear with jeans and culottes. Jumpsuits are perfect to transition through the seasons, you'll catch me wearing my culotte jumpsuits all year round simply styled differently throughout.


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