My Travel Bucket List

"Collect moments, not things."

I feel like over the past year or so, I've began to care less about the material things in life and started concentrate on making as many great memories as I can and being the happiest I can be. Sure, we all love a new outfit or a new lipstick now and again (I'm a fashion blogger for Gods sake) but travelling to new places and experiencing different cultures is something invaluable to me. Having travelled to quite a few different places over the past couple of years and after living abroad for half of last year, I've realised travel is something that I'm very passionate about and something I can't wait to do more of in the future. I wanted to share some of the top places on my travel bucket list and believe me when I say, I could probably write about 50 different places I want to go! I'm hoping I'll look back at this post in a few years or so and be able to tick these amazing places off my list.

As a lot of you may know, I'm crazy obsessed with sunset and Bali is an island paradise boasting some of the most stunning sunsets that the planet has to offer. Situated off the main island of Indonesia, Bali is just one of the many places I'd love to visit in South-East Asia. I've wanted to visit Bali for a long time, but recently one of my favourite bloggers, Anouska, visited and my obsession (major insta-stalking) with Bali grew more and more. One day, I really hope I'll have the chance to visit. Dilemma: do I save Bali to go for my Honeymoon? (Husband TBC) 

When I say DREAM location to visit, I really mean it. Quite the contrast to a island of paradise, the Arctic Circle is a winter wonderland with certainly more northern lights than southern sun. The Scandinavian nations, along with Finland and Iceland are said to be the ultimate places to have the chance to witness the phenomenon that is: the Northern Lights. The thought of staying in a glass igloo (see above) or a cosy cabin in the serene snowy woodlands makes me incredibly excited. I think seeing the Northern Lights would truly be a trip of a lifetime and something I'm determined to do one day. 


I'm quite proud to say I've visited an impressive 20 out of America's 50 states, but unfortunately I'm yet to make a trip to San Fran. Located in Northern California, San Fransisco is a city full of character, stunning architecture and amazing food (from what I've seen and heard!). The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz are a couple of the city's main attractions, but as well, I'm wanting to eat at quirky cafes and check out the vintage shopping scene - which I have high hopes for! One day San Fran, one day!

Transun is offering one lucky winner a trip of a lifetime to go see the Northern Lights! You'd be staying in full board accommodation, with a husky safari, a snowmobile ride AND a visit to a reindeer camp... UHH - the dream!
You can enter too by writing a blog post about your top three travel bucket list destinations and tweeting the post to @Transun using the hashtag Transunlights. Remember the competition will close at midnight the 30th April! For more information click here!

Hope you've enjoyed this different style of post! What are your top 3 bucket list travel destinations? Tell me in the comments below!


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