USA Photo Diary - Day 16-21

Day 16-17 - Tennessee
Wearing - Pretty Vacant dress, Primark backpack, Oasis belt, Urban Outfitters watch, Primark bracelet and H&M boots

Day 18 - Virgina 

Day 19-20 - Washington D.C
Wearing - 
1. International mint jumper, Stradavarius nude skirt and Primark bag
5. Primark grey midi dress, Vintagr denim jacket, H&M black fedora and Primark backpack

Day 21-22 - New York City
Wearing - 
2. Topshop kimono, New Look lace crop top, H&M maxi skirt and Primark sunglasses 
6. H&M black fedora, H&M kimono and Forever 21 backpack 

Hello again! Here's my final update of my USA photo diary between Tennessee and New York. Sorry for a very photo-heavy post but there was so many images I wanted to share with you all - I got a little snap-happy!
I'm currently blogging from the airport after a long flight home. I've just been flicking through all my photos and reflecting with my best friend Mollie, on what has been by far the best three weeks of my life. I've literally had so much fun and learnt a lot on this trip and I couldn't recommend it enough!
This week we started off visiting Tennessee. I was blown away by the beauty of the state, with its peaceful surroundings and stunning landscape. We made a stop at the Jack Daniels Brewery along the way which was a delightful experience and to make the day better, I spotted barrels saying Barley and Corn! It's not often I find something associated with my rare surname okay...
I also went white water rafting which was a lot of fun. I guess I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie - I love anything that is slightly dangerous yet exciting. I like the challenge.
Another highlight this week has been visiting Washington D.C. The U.S capital is a very well-kept city with so much history and so much to do. I guess I liked it a lot because it reminded me of London. Mollie and I spent the day exploring the museums, standing by the White House and of course... doing a spot of shopping. Lets just say my bank balance suffered a little after a cheeky trip to Forever 21 ooops.
My favourite place on the entire trip however, was our final stop in New York City. It's somewhere I've always dreamt of visiting (probably because I watch too much Sex and the City!) but New York certainly lived up to my expectations. I didn't have much time there, but Mollie and I managed to see the NY skyline, wandered round Time Square, ate bagels for brunch and explored Central Park - such tourists! It's hard to describe just how much I loved New York, there is just something about it. All I know is, I must live there.
Hope you've enjoyed my USA updates! I'm heading home to North Yorkshire in the next couple of days so I'll be blogging from there for the next few weeks. Expect oldstyle helloomonica posts! 



  1. Your trip looks incredible! I'm definitely going to persuade my best friend to travel America with me next summer! Love your Pretty Vacant dress too! x

  2. Hey,
    beautiful pictures! :)


  3. Love the photos, I hope you are having an amazing time! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. I'M AM SO JEALOUS!!! this looks incredible!
    Becca x


  5. wow! these photos look incredible! xx

  6. aww such a lovely trip! i really want to visit new york too someday..and your outfits look really great as always!

  7. love your boots!
    looks like you had an awesome trip

    Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing


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