USA Photo Diary - Day 1-4

Day 1 - Los Angeles
Oasis maxi dress, Vintage denim jacket, Primark backpack and H&M sunglasses

Day Two - Las Vegas

Misguided dress, Primark bracelets and eBay American flag bikini

Day Three/Four- Zion National Park
H&M cami, Topshop lace shorts and tan leather backpack

 Just a quick photo-post of my trip across America (from LA to NY) so far.
It's only been four days but I've loved each place I've visited and had such amazing experiences in such a short time.
I'm travelling across America with my best friend Mollie. I guess we're a little too obsessed with 90210 and just NEEDED to visit LA! Unfortunately we only spent one day in the city and we'd love to have been there longer. We spent the day embarking on a Beverly Hills tour which was super fun and I even got my first USA celeb spot - Nicole Richie! The afternoon was spent strolling down Santa Monica pier and sunbathing in the California sunshine; bliss.
Day two was spent in sin city, Las Vegas. Such an incredible place - day and night. Being only 19, I was slightly restricted with the drinking age, but had fun nonetheless. My Vegas highlight was definitely sunbathing by the pool at Caeser's Palace... Unreal.
On days three and four, I visited Zion National Park and Lake Powell. Zion was too beautiful for words and I spent the day hiking very high cliffs in the blazing sun. It was definitely worth it as the views were spectacular! I also managed to have a dip in the blue water pools of Lake Powell which was pretty cool.
I'm heading to the Grand Canyon (!!!!!) for the next couple of days which I'm so excited for. A helicopter ride over the canyon is also on the cards! 
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