layering lately

Crochet waist skater dress, Topshop (via eBay)
Nude blouse, Republic
Black tights, Primark
berry bag, Primark
cross ring, Camden markets
eye ring, Topshop
spike ring, Topshop
tan strap watch, New Look
polka dot nails, Barry M in Mint Green

What do you think about the first photo? My squirrel friend is pretty cute huh? I can't believe how close I got  to him without scaring him off! These photos were taken whilst wandering through the beautiful autumn scenery in Hyde Park earlier in the week. 
I've got a slight obsession with layering dresses over blouses lately. Not only does it mean I can wear my summer dresses through the winter, but also means I can style the pieces in a totally different way. This black skater dress for example, was an eBay bargain which I wore a few times over the summer. The simple style is perfect to be carried through the seasons and I love the way the crochet cutout looks against my nude blouse. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram may have heard me raving about this coat before. I'm not normally the type to splurge, but this was a complete impulse buy. I paid £99 (with student discount) for this Topshop beauty, which might seem like a lot of money, but I have to say, it is completely worth it! I really like everything from the burgundy colour and the tweed style, to the boyfriend fit. Plus the fur collar makes it extra cosy! The fur is removable so that means I can still wear this coat through until springtime. I think I just justified my purchase... 
Although its a little beyond my budget, I'm totally lusting over 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel from the latest collection. I really admire Phillip Lim as a designer as his collection never cease to amaze me. Avenue 32 have a fabulous range of cutting-edge designer labels that have recently become my obsession as a fashon student. I'm seriously considering saving for a Mulberry bag. Oversized Alexa please. 
I've been very busy this past week as all my uni deadlines seem to be catching up on me! Although I'm loving life at London College of Fashion, it is a lot of work! I shouldn't complain too much though, it isn't bad attending uni on Oxford Street. However my bank balance may disagree. 
Call me a geek (I know I am) but I went to see the BBC quiz show Pointless being filmed earlier in the week. Its one of my favourite shows (behind Pretty Little Liars obv!) and I got to be in the audience! And I saw real life actual Richard Osman who is just like my hero. 



  1. you're so beautiful!
    I really like your style :)

  2. That top photo is actually amazing hahaa! What a confident squirell! I love your outfit and your coat is gorgeous x



  3. amazing photos and outfit as well :)


  4. your coat is beautiful the fur complements the tweed so well x


  5. your photos are GORGEOUS

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s I started a youtube channel, check it out HERE

  6. Such a gorgeous outfit, this inspired me to layer dresses over blouses <3


  7. Wow, these photos are stunning! I love the first one! You look gorgeous too, and your outfit is so pretty. Your coat is amazing xxx

  8. It has to be said that this was my favorite shoot so far, just for the fact that we met a fricken squirrel!!!!

  9. Such gorgeous outfits <3


  10. Love a dress over shirt combo.. nice photos, nice blog :)

  11. great pictures and i love the outfit! the first pic is cute :) in germany we only got red/brown squirrels (i think so).

  12. beautiful look darling, you look super pretty and the boyfriend coat is gorgeous!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  13. wow, such stunning photos, you look lovely and the scenery is so beautiful! xx


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