leather sleeves

leather bralet with DIY studs, eBay (studs from eBay too)
denim levis, vintage
black socks, Primark

Hello from London! I moved down on Saturday from North Yorkshire and shall now be calling the big city home for at least the new four years. So far, its safe to say I'm loving city life! My flatmate and I went to the Thames festival last night and went to see the Team GB Olympic parade in central London today, followed by a spot of vintage shopping in Covent Garden. There is so much going on and so much to do, I can't wait to settle in and explore the city over the next couple of weeks before my course at London College of Fashion starts. 
These photos are the final ones taken back home, expect the scenery to change a lot in my coming posts! As soon as I saw the khaki jacket with leather sleeves in the 'new in' section on Topshop's website, I knew I had to have it. However, being a top bargainer and all, I couldn't justify paying the £65 price tag that came with it, so instead I bought this Mac re-worked one for £30 (!) from a little vintage store. Not bad going! i've paired it with my leather bralet and tan leather backpack  - triple leather... CONTROVERSIAL. 
Hope you're all alright, looking forward to keeping you all updated on my new life! 
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Monica x

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