grey outlook

headband (actually a necklace), Topshop
owl necklace, Primark
cross necklace Wavy Jewellery
black socks, Primark
aztec bag, vintage

I don't think this dress is very 'me' but I love it. I originally saw it on Nicola Claire's blog and was amazed how she made something so simple look so amazing. I've drenched myself in jewellery and paired the dress with my creepers. I found this headband (actually a necklace) which I used to wear like everyday last year. Totes gonna start wearing it again
I've had my final English Language exam today so I feel really relaxed now I can actually forget all the crazy theories that have been in my head over the past few months. 
Love Monica,xxx


  1. this is so lovely!! love your headband!!


  2. Love the headband/necklace! Wish my hair was long enough so i could style is like you do, also adore the sunglasses!


  3. I've always loved this dress every time I've been in Topshop but never bought it cos I thought it was a bit expensive so I got a cheaper one from H&M that is slightly different but has a cute pink zip on the back... I don't know why I've just told you this but yeah! I love how you styled it :) x

  4. i love the dress and the way you've styled it!
    hope your exam went well :) xo

  5. i love how you used accessories to make this outfit you!



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