royal blue

leather aviator jacket, H&M
royal blue blouse, New Look
belt, New Look
leopard print pleated skirt, eBay
black tights, Primark
vintage bag, my mum's
lace up boots, vintage

I love to colour clash. I was going to post this outfit with my nude blouse but I thought I'd mix it up and go bold. I love the gold buttons and the bright colour - and how it doesn't really go with the skirt at all! But I think that its a good thing. The skirt is by A|Wear but being a top bargainer I got it off eBay for much cheaper. 
Hope all my readers have a lovely Christmas! I'm going for a Christmas meal with my best friends tonight and then just spending time with my family over the next few days, which should be lovely. To be honest, I'm more excited about going shopping in the sales than I am about Christmas itself!  
Love Monica,xxxxx


  1. oh yes! I really; really like that skirt!


  2. wow i fell in love ! this outfit is amazing, colors, pattern everythin, loving your hair too ♥ and i wish you a happy new year :)

  3. Actually like how the colours have clashed in together. Outfit looks really nice ��

  4. Gorgeous photos! Love this colour combination :)

    <3 Shawna

  5. I like the way you show your inspirations!



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