naughty but nice

khaki parka, Topshop
BAD crop top, Republic
black maxi skirt, vintage (my mum's)
heeled sandals, Primark

I was reluctant about posting this, just cos I guess its a love it/hate it outfit. My sister hates it, but I like that fact. I love to be controversial. The skirt was one of the treasure's my Mum had kept since the '70s and I have been stealing it. Its a sheer maxi, so you have to wear something underneath. I found my old bodycon skirt to use as a slip.
Back at college again now. I've dropped German, but taken up another business course this year which will hopefully boost my university application. I'm also continuing to study Maths, English and Business & Ecomonics at A2.
Tonight has been my first night off in 12 days. So glad. It feels so great to be sat resting and not running around a restaurant!
My 18th this month.... you all excited for me?
Love Monica,xxx

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