burgundy sunset

mustard cardigan, ARK
nude blouse, Republic
burgundy spotty shorts, Topshop
burgundy hat, H&M
leopard print wedges, (birthday gift from my best friends!) ASOS
mustard satchel, Primark
burgundy socks, Topshop
leopard print belt, Primark
acorn necklace, Primark
nails, Topshop Nails in Green Room

This outfit is very much a mixture of my obsessions at the moment. Burgundy, mustard and leopard print. In my eyes, a perfect mix! I've these shorts a couple of months now and wore them when I went out for my birthday last weekend. To be honest, I wish they were a little longer, because I like to wear them high-waisted. But if its burgundy with polka dots, what can you do?! I orded this cardigan a few days ago off ARK and I was worried because its more of a bright yelllow colour rather than mustard on the website! But its fine in real life, I like it. And you may have noticed the beauties on my feet... YES! These are the wedges all my friends bought my for my birthday.. I cannot explain how much I love them!
Had such a lovely time taking photos this evening. The sun was setting and the weather was beaaautiful, making the countryside so desirable.
This is the first time I've bought anything from Topshop's make-up collection. This nail varnish totally jumped out at me, and I love seablues and greens. I'm usually a die-hard Barry M girl, but I think I'll be going back to Toppers for some more!
I orded some Jeffrey Campbells last week as a birthday present to myself (sad I know). I got some Lita's in black suede so they should be arriving and making an appearance on my blog soon enough.
Happy birthday to my gorgeous sister Lindsey! Its her sweet sixteenth today :)
Also, I should probably say this more often. Thankyou for all your darling comments and for following my blog. It makes me so happy!
Love Monica,xxxxx
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