free fallin'

nude sheer shirt, Republic
black vest top, Matalan,
dusky pink skirt, ARK
white lace socks, Dorothy Perkins
heeled sandals, Primark
timepiece pendant necklace, eBay
belt, Primark
bag, vintage
hat, H&M
nails, Barry M in Indigo

I titled this post 'free fallin' because I seriously can't stop listening to John Mayer... bit in love.
Here's a little something I wore yesterday to go shopping in York. I swapped my tan loafers for my heeled sandals when taking these pictures though, I was too scared of falling over on the cobbled streets in heels! I bought the shirt last week and I'm so glad I did. I've been wanting one for a while but I have been avoiding paying £35ish in Topshop for something quite simple. I found this in the sale at Republic for £10, great buy.
Alas! A new addition to my hat collection. Purchased this one yesterday from H&M and I was wearing it as soon as I came out the shop. Loving this burgundy colour at the moment, I also bought a dress and some shorts the same shade haha!
Also, sorry for not posting in a week or so, I've literally had no time because I've been working day and night! Need to see my friends this week, if I ever get a day off that is. I'm starting writing again for StyleClone soon, so look out.
I'm going to Leeds tomorrow for a bit more shopping (!) and because my sister Lindsey is flying home from Paris! Well jealous that she's been shopping in Paris today!
Its a lovely evening, and I have tennis coaching tonight so I better get ready!
Love Monica,xxxxxx



  1. best outfit EVER.
    Ugh love it so much i neeeeed it!
    the skirt is amazing xxx

  2. very nice ..like your vintage looks always stunning!have to follow you;)La Folie 

  3. I really like your style! and free fallin' of john mayer. he's so wonderful!
    so you have a new follower ;)

  4. Such a cute outfit, I always back out of wearing heeled things when having to walk around places too haha. Really like the hat. I just work work work at the moment too, I feel your pain! Retail therapy DOES ease it though x

  5. Beautiful outfit! Love the hat, i really wish they suited me! x

  6. beautiful outfitt xxx


  7. thats such a cute little outfit!:)

  8. Love the third photograph with that amazing gorgeous hair of yours... <3 That blouse is gorgeous!

  9. Awsome outfit!! I love everything about it: Perfect!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  10. amazing colours in this outfit - you have perfect style

  11. I'm in love with all your outifts, but this one is just PERFECT !

  12. I saw you in LB and you have a great blog!
    love this style and you look gorgeous in all of them!!
    I'm new follower!!!


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