we love the socks and sandals

white studded blouse, charity shop + DIY
brown leather skirt, River Island
lace socks, Dorothy Perkins
heeled sandals, Primark
sunglasses, Primark
rings, Primark
bag, vintage
bracelets, Primark

Loving socks and sandals this summer, another rule I enjoy breaking. Can't get enough of these sandals lately, so glad I bought them, and Primark! Can you believe it?! I purchased this shirt last year before the whole buttoned blouses and shirt trend started (JUST SAYIN) and I got all creative and sowed some studs on to give it a bit of an edge. I haven't worn it for ages because most of the studs fell off when I rediscovered it in my wardrobe so I redid it a few days ago. Since I'm the least arty person you'll probably ever meet, I thought it was quite good for me!
These shots were taken by my sister Lindsey, with my new Sony a230 which I bought from my best friend Jodi's boyfriend about a month ago. I'm really happy with the camera and its great not to have to use my phone. (Sony Ericsson Satio)
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Love Monica,xxx


  1. wow, i love your blouse! great diy!
    and love the lace socks paired with your shoes!
    love it, beautiful outfit!
    Krissy xoxo


  2. love the diy on your blouse, it looks amazing! x

  3. This is the most gorgeous outfit you've ever worn, beaaaaut. I love it, and those sandals neeed to be in my lyyyf! The pictures look great, congrats on your new camera, definitely worth it :)

    Rosa - hello scrapbook

  4. omg this is such a stunning outfit. i will definitely be back on your blog!

  5. you look amaaaazing monica, i LOVE the sandals and socks :P

    and what i love even more are those studs. what a clever idea! you are now my inspiration for fashion x) keep it up!

    xo amelia.

  6. Love tis look..the peterpan blouse is so pretty:-)
    much love,
    www.chicqua.blogspot.comLove tis look..the peterpan blouse is so pretty:-)
    much love,

  7. Heyyy I have those shoes but in navy :) Naturally, being Primark, they've broken already but nothing I can't fix luckily. Be warned...
    Really love your blog, following via bloglovin
    It would be mine

  8. I love the shirt, that's really made such a difference with the studs, i also can't belive those shoes are primark! there gorgeous.
    love love love. Keep up the good work x

  9. Love your outfit! I've been wanting similar sunglasses, they're great :)

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  10. Hi Monica,

    my name is Sophie i do alot of sets on www.polyvore.com and also run my own small shop www.jeanography.com. I love creating sets from things that have inspired me from everyday life to the latest trends and the blogs that I read - you can check out my sets here http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=1512158.

    I've read your blog and would love to create a set that is inspired by your girly vintage style and the love of socks and sandles :) if it was ok with you? You can feature it on your blog exclusively if you wish? The only thing I'd ask is that you give my shop a shout out and a link if its not too much hassle.

    If you'd like to review the shop and or would like a discount code for you and for your readers that can also be arranged - just ask. Finally if you like the Jeans we sell (mainly Hudson Jeans and Siwy) and would like to own a pair and would be willing to review the jeans that you bought I could get you a pair for just over cost price, again email me and we can discuss.

    Thanks for your time


  11. Oh my god, i so want all your outfits. Especially that shirt! it's amazing. I love the shoes i was going to buy them in Primark. And i have those sunglasses too. So cheap yet so good! ah omg i can't get over how much i want this outfit hahaha

  12. love that blouse!


  13. I really love your blog! Your style is so unique and inspiring. The pictures are just... loveable! Hugs.

  14. Nice blog you got here! I particularly love this outfit, the studs, the glasses, the skirt, the socks... <3

    totally following!



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