the bow tie

white shirt with bow, H&M
black faux leather skirt, H&M
Mulberry Alexa wannabe, eBay
sunglasses, Primark
socks with lace detailing, Primark
lace up heels, Matalan

I posted this outfit a good while back as one of my first outfit posts but I've been wearing it a lot recently so I thought I'd repost and revamp :) I've had this bag about 2 years now but I love how it can never go out of fashion, such a classic piece! I bought these socks a couple of days ago from Primark and I couldn't wait to wear them, they're just so cuuuute. I love how 'chanel' this outfit is, although its all from the high street! I love dressing smart :)
I bought some gorgeous vintage boots also on Friday which I shall be sharing in my next post, so look out:)
Missing my sister as she's gone on holiday with her friend, waah.
Oh also, Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to my Mum and Dad today! :))))
Love Monica,xxx


  1. Love this outfit, it looks so smart yet fashionable! Congrats to your parent on 20 years of marriage! x

  2. You are gorgeous! This outfit reminds me of autumn and school. But then again that might be wishful thinking since I miss autumn so much right now, haha.

  3. love the cute bow tie!
    Krissy xoxo


  4. This is adorable you look like you have walked off the set of Gossip Girl. I also have an Alexa wanna be bag, I paid €100 for it because it's leather but I am so happy I did x


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