raindrops on my sunglasses

castaway crop top, Republic
cream lace shorts, Topshop
aztec print scarf, Primark
spotty tights, Primark
owl necklace, eBay
sunglasses, Primark
pearl bracelets, Primark

I was planning on posting yesterday but I was in a major rush and ended up not having time! Between college and work lately, I'm finding it quite difficult keep up the blogging but I'm determind not to give up on it!
I feel very summery in this outfit. There was actually a few spots of rain when I was out taking photos though, but it was nice and quite ironic having raindrops on my sunglasses. I've had a bit of an obsession with crop tops lately and I have a few more to show you guys!
I bought a vintage aztec cardigan a few weeks ago from the lovely Courtney who has a vintage shop 'Tandem Northwest' on Etsy. After I bought the cardigan we contacted each other and she did a feature and mini-interview about me on her blog!  Exciting stuff. Check it out here!
I've been thinking a lot lately about getting my hair cut, not short-short but just a little trim so that it doesn't get out of hand. But the thing is, I literally haven't had anything off my length since February last year, so the thought scares me a little! And also, theres also I problem with my blonde ends. If I get it cut should I re-ombre my hair? Hmmm, whatta dilemma! Any thoughts?
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Love Monica,xxxxxx


  1. your ombre hair is great, some peoples really doesn't look natural or nice but yours so does. Was so tempted to do it to my hair! you look like you live in such an amazing place! lovely

  2. I love your sunglasses, they're amazing! And i definitely think you should re-ombre your hair, it looks good! x

  3. I agree with Rose, your ombre hair looks amazing...
    I don't wanna criticize or anything...but why the tights? to a cropped shirt/summer outfit?


  4. I love the shorts and the scarf! I think your ombred hair looks great on you :D

  5. Cute outfit! You look as though you should be at Glastonbury, I love it. x

  6. That scarf is beautiful want so bad. You look amazing love your outfit so much <3

  7. love that second photo! and your hair is gorgeous!


  8. I'm a huge addict to aztec prints for like two years now and seeing this scarf is hard to me because I NEED it !


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