khaki grunge

cropped batman tee, Topshop
pleated skirt, ARK
khaki parka, Topshop
tan belt, Primark
socks, my sister's
tan brouges, Primark

Just a little something I've been wearing today. I flung my parka coat on as I was going outt the door as it started to rain, but I think it adds a 'grungey' look to my outfit. I love how oversized it is, I think its a size 14 and from the tall section, but it was in the sale a few months ago at Toppers and I couldn't resist! Socks'n'brogues is kinda my signature look haha, I should really change this as I'm becoming very predictable! Also, check me out with no jewellery on! I feel a bit naked without it.
I've been playing a few sets of tennis today, I really needed that exercise! I feel like I've become a lot lazier lately but I'm determind not to be.
Love Monica,xx



  1. Aw super cute, I really like your jacket!

  2. I love love love this! X

  3. Love the colour of your skirt.. socks with brogues are such a cute look :)

  4. outfit look great, ooo and I love your hair xxxx

  5. your outfit looks wicked here ! ahhh loving the batman tee, cannot believe I used tohave some sort of insane crush on him when I was little, I even used to wear the costumer - surprised no one thought I was a wannabe transgender loool x

  6. I love this outfit, you look effortlessly chic! Great blog, too. :) x

  7. I love your blog and your style!

  8. The batman tee is awesome, and I love the anorak!!

  9. What a cute outfit, love the tee!

    You have super lovely hair. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. love your outfit.white socks with brogues
    is always an adorable look

  11. Love this! Love the highwaisted skirt, oversized parka and especially the batman tee. Especially the skinny belt. Gor-geous. I love your hair. :)


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