little white dress

white lace dress, Internationale
socks, Primark
tan brogues, Primark
flower headband, Primark
timepiece necklace, eBay

Wasn't planning on posting today, but i need a break from Maths revision, its all I seem to do nowadays!
I literally cannot wait for my exams to be over! Then I can relaxxxx. Well two down, five to go!
Just wearing a simple white dress today. A look that I feel never goes out of fashion. Incase you haven't noticed, socks and brogues is like my signature look hahah, I love these white socks from Primark, they're just like what I use to have in primary school!
Please follow my friend Hollie! She has such an adorable style and she's super popular on Lookbook :)
Love Monica xxxx
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