stripes and denim

blue striped top, H&M
denim gilet, Topshop
navy chinos, Zara
tan belt, Zara
heart necklace, Primark
bag, vintage
tan loafers, eBay

Hey! These pictures were taken yesterday after i finished college. I never used to think I was much of a 'trousers person' but I actually own about 5 pairs of chinos in all different colours, I love them. I haven't worn my denim gilet since like last year so I thought it was about time it made an appearance.
I've been shopping in York today with my friend Ryan:) I love York for shopping, its so adorable. I got stopped in the street by this girl and she asked if she could take my photo cos I have good 'street style' haha! We went for lunch in this super popular cafe called Betty's which always has like a mile long queue outside, it was lovely! I got a few things but I still haven't found my perfect aztec print cardigan that I've been searching for, for what seems like months now!
I straightened my hair for the first time in about two months yesterday. I don't really like it straight and I really don't want to damage it and get split ends again! I prefer to keep it curly and natural.
Anyways, I'm off to play tennis with my dad now!
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Love Monica,xxx


  1. Aw this outfit is so super cute! Love the trousers!

  2. Lovely outfit! I adore your shoes xox

  3. Love this outfit, I think chinos pretty much look good on everyone! Your hair looks lovely like this as well x

  4. ahh good old bettys! im always in york and harrogate (which also has a bettys) the ques are craaazy.

    Urban Outfitters has a lovely aztec cardigan! well, they did a couple weeks back so im guessing its still there x

  5. Aw I really like this. Those trousers are the perfect fit.

  6. you look shit hot with straight hair babe xx


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