green vintage dress and new sunglasses

                                                                                 green spotty dress, vintage
tan belt, Primark
black cardigan, New Look
white lace socks, Dorothy Perkins
tan brogues, Primark
sunglasses, Primark
bag, vintage

I'm probably the most impatient person you'll ever meet and my laptop is being extra slow today, plus these photos took about a billion years to load, which is very frustrating.
My sister and I went for a walk yesterday and it was so lovely. With the sun shining through the trees and my best friend beside me, it was perfection. Its moments like those I live for! It was such a lovely day and we took loads of photos and laughed lots.
I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago from a vintage shop in Middlesbrough. I'm definetly going back to get more dresses like this. I love the style and the pleats in the skirt. Freshens up my spring wardrobe lovely!
I've been wearing my hair without clips a lot recently, now that my fringe is long enough to go behind my ears! Plus clips are annoying.
Love Monica, xx
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