tan loafers & floral tea dress

floral tea dress, eBay but from Peacocks
white lace socks, Dorothy Perkins
tan loafers, eBay but from Next
swallow necklace, Primark

Apologies for a very image heavy post. My sister Lindsey and I went for a walk today as the weather was so gorgeous! And we ended up taking lots of photos. I know its only just March but everything felt so summery and I actually wasn't cold in the slightest with bare arms and legs! We've had these past couple of days off, because of a gas leak at college. I ain't complaining!
I've literally wanted this dress for aaaaages. I often search 'vintage dresses' on eBay and this one always comes up not in my size and really overpriced! A couple of weeks I found it one size too big, but its no problemo and for £35 which I thought was alright :) I know I seem to have a new favourite dress every week but this is defo my #1 hah! I haven't worn these cute little lace socks (which I also have in pink) since Summer '10! I think they can totally be worn this year toooo. And, and, and... my tan loafers came yesterday! So exciting! I'm really happy with them and they can be worn with like both dresses, and chino which is a bonus. Expect to see a lot of them in future posts.
My skin has been absolutely terrible this week. It actually could be mistaken for Braile... no exaggeration! So sorry for my delayed post. I hate having spots aaarghhh.
GUESS WHAT?! Got my V Festival Ticket this morning! Me and my best friend Mollie were so excited for them to come on sale at 9am and we were both trying desperately by phone and online to get some but it was quite ridiculous how we were placed in queues and didn't manage to get through before they sold out. So we ended up purchasing some on eBay. For £240 each instead of the orginal price £175. I know it sounds loads but for what they were going for on eBay, that was a really good deal. Its a weekend ticket and includes camping. Can't wait! :D I already have a few potential festival outfits but its an excuse to buy more clothes ;) Also, my Katy Perry tickets came on Tuesday! EEE, I'm going to see her in April AND... my Taylor Swift tickets arrived today, I'm going to see her at the end of this month! :D Excited would be the understatement of the century.
Love Monica,xxxxxx


  1. I think this is my favourite outfit you've ever posted! You look gorgeous ♥

  2. I love this pictures and that dress is so pretty!! XXX

  3. Oh I have this dress in green. I think I paid £30 for it in the shop so £35 isn't too bad! Very jealous you were able to go out like that, its been really dreary and cold here.

  4. I love the dress! Its so pretty!
    Woooo about V, the line up is awesome this year!

  5. You look super! that dress is amaze x

  6. I like this look!
    Welcome to my blog!
    Here there are good ideas for long hair styling:

  7. Omg I love this outfit! so adorable!



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